Meetings Reimagined: Meet the All New GoToMeeting


Today is a huge day for the GoTo team. After over two years of research, gathering feedback from thousands of customers, and countless development cycles - we couldn’t be more excited to reveal a brand new GoToMeeting! The next major milestone in delivering on our UCC strategy, the new GoToMeeting is a collaboration tool built for today’s modern workforce.

Today’s workforce is always on-the-go, yet business expectations have never been higher. International employees, remote workers and field staff are expected to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. Collaboration can no longer be limited to the confines of an office. Given this environment, it’s no surprise that recent research conducted by Ovum shows 2/3 of CIOs consider communications and collaboration to be mission critical – and 76% plan to increase their investment in collaboration tools next year. What’s more, 93% of leaders agreed that incoming generation of digital natives have different needs and expectations that must be taken into account.

Employees, especially in this growing digital native generation, long for modernized, intuitive products that keep them connected anywhere, any time on any device. But how can today’s IT leaders filter out all the noise in the market and provide tools that your employees truly need and want? It’s all about finding products that are built with the end user in mind. We believe the best way to meet the needs and demands of today’s diverse workforce is by pulling them directly into the development process. That’s the approach we took to this exciting new version of the flagship meeting product in our UCC portfolio.

Check out the video to hear more from me and our Vice President of User Experience, Lauren Zack, including how we worked with our customers to build an all-new GoToMeeting from the ground up:


The All New GoToMeeting – Built By Our Users, For Our Users

With an extensive series of updates to the platform, the new GoToMeeting delivers a flawless experience from start to finish for both IT and end users alike. For meetings that yield results, encourage new ideas and build relationships, a platform must support employees before, during and after their meetings. As such, the new GoToMeeting isn’t limited to what happens in-session. Here are some highlights of the new product:

  • The pre-meeting experience is enhanced by improvements to scheduling and join times, so your end users can start their sessions 65% faster than before.
  • The meeting hub, our new all-in-one collaboration application, allows users to chat, start, or schedule meetings on a single interface.  
  • During the meeting, a reimagined video-first design makes collaboration more personal.
  • After the meeting, users are continually supported with features like recording and transcripts and video to slides.  

To learn more about the new GoToMeeting, including how to activate it in your own organization, visit