Work Smarter, Not Harder with the New GoToMeeting!


Since 2004, GoToMeeting has helped hundreds of thousands of customers meet with momentum. And over the past several years, we’ve released countless new features, reflecting on our progress and making adjustments where necessary. We know that successful remote collaboration begins with a purpose-built foundation, and for us, that meant a transition from incremental iteration to a completely reimagined product.

Shaped by your invaluable and insightful feedback, the new GoToMeeting revolutionizes the way you communicate with features that allow workers to save time and build stronger relationships. Unlike other solutions, GoToMeeting is by your side before, during, and after your meetings take place – modernizing workforce productivity with our biggest release yet.

Built By Our Users, For Our Users

With an extensive series of updates to the product, the new GoToMeeting delivers a flawless experience from start to finish for both IT and end users alike. For meetings that yield results, encourage new ideas and build relationships, collaboration tools should support users at every stage. As such, the new GoToMeeting isn’t limited to what happens in-session.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s changed, and how the new experience supports you from scheduling to follow-up.


  • Introducing the Hub: Streamline your workday with a single interface containing all your meetings, complete with meeting information and diagnostics. You also have the ability to chat, schedule and start and join meetings.
  • Flexible scheduling: Hosts can now create multiple personal meeting rooms with custom branding, so teams can start collaborate instantly. GoToMeeting also has updated its popular calendar plugins and integrations with Office 365 and Outlook, GSuite Calendar, Salesforce, Zoho, Slack, and more.
  • Faster join times: Joining a GoToMeeting is 65% faster than before, making it industry-leading and totally seamless. Attendees also have the ability to choose how they join, whether it’s through a download-free web meeting or the new GoToMeeting desktop or mobile apps.


  • A brand-new user experience: A video-first design makes video meetings easier than ever. Controls that should be intuitive, such as leaving the meeting and seeing what you’re sharing, are now front and center.
  • Real-time note taking: Upon recording a session, notes are time-stamped and embedded within the meeting transcription. Users can identify a highlight or action item from the Smart Notes tool. Notes are then saved and can be shared after the meeting.
  • Unparalleled audio: Wideband VoIP capabilities are now available via PSTN. Additional audio enhancements keep GoToMeeting reliable even in extreme low-bandwidth situations.
  • Consistency across devices: Whether you’re attending a meeting on a MacBook, PC, an Internet browser, or your iPhone or Android device – the experience is the same.

Check out the video below for a walkthrough of the full in-session experience!


  • AI-powered transcription: Unlimited cloud recording means you never miss a moment! Meeting transcripts make content digestible in minutes, allowing hosts and attendees to spend less time note taking and more time participating.
  • Video-to-Slides: Automatically capture presentation slides during meetings and share in a downloadable PDF.
  • Easy to share: View, download and share transcripts, video, and notes with meeting attendees.
  • Meeting Diagnostics Report: IT Administrators can view meeting diagnostics to monitor audio and video quality, and identify and troubleshoot root causes for meeting quality issues.

In today’s digital native generation, employees long for modernized, intuitive products that keep them connected anywhere, any time, on any device. Following the recent launches of GoToRoom and GoToConnect, the new GoToMeeting marks the next major milestone in our goal to deliver products that address your top needs and pain points – heard straight from the source.

To learn more about the new GoToMeeting, including how to activate it within your organization, visit our website!