Porting Your Business Phone Number

Your phone number is one of the ways your customers and vendors can reach you. You have invested in calling cards, brochures and other marketing material that carry this number. Your customers already have this in their phone book. And it has been posted in your local phone directories. Thus, it’s not a simple matter to decide to switch from one phone carrier to another, more cost-effective alternative if this means you have to change your phone number as well.

But the good news is, you can have your cake and eat it, too. With Jive’s business phone system, you are able to shift from your current phone carrier into one that offers a better bargain while keeping your business phone number.  As per FCC rules, you can do this as long as you stay in the same geographic area. Plus, FCC regulations have established guidelines to ensure that this process is fairly quick and easy.

Requesting for Porting

To port your current business phone number to Jive, you just need to do the following:

  • Submit a request for porting and a letter of authorization (LOA) to Jive (your new carrier). The LOA gives Jive the authority to make a request to your current provider in your behalf. The LOA must contain key information such as your name, address and phone numbers as well as your signature.
  • Jive makes a request to the actual holder of the number (which may, or may not be your current carrier).
  • The other carrier will process the request from their end.  Please note that there may be delays due to problems or errors. It may be that the number is no longer in service or includes a DSL line. It may also be that the names and addresses on your LOA are different from that in the provider’s records.
  • Make sure that your account with the previous carrier is already closed. Although the number has been successfully ported to Jive, the account you had with the previous provider may not be automatically canceled.

Jive is committed to providing a hassle-free and smooth transition. Here are some tips to help you facilitate the process:

  • Don’t cut off your current service before your request to port the number comes through and service with Jive has begun. Remember that only active phone numbers can be ported.
  • Find out how your number is being held. To ensure a quicker process, check whether the number is held under your name and address or under the previous provider’s name and address.
  • Review your phone bills/contract to determine if there are any fees for early termination or if you have any outstanding account.
  • Keep records of your old account in case you need to refer to it. We may request for a copy of your phone bill to make sure that the information on your LOA matches with the details from your existing account.
  • Look for a business phone service that has the experience and expertise when it comes to porting phone numbers, as well as providing other value-added services for your company, such as Jive Communications.

Why Jive?

Jive Communications provides a hassle-free, scalable and great value business VoIP provider. Its Enterprise-Class Hosted VoIP system is ideal for growing businesses. Unleash the power of Jive’s online IP-based telecommunications system and enjoy value-added features such as easy call routing and planning, simplified number and device management, online PBX Controls, Find-Me Follow-Me and call analytics.