New Features Built For the Love of the Meeting! - GotoMeeting


It’s no surprise that meetings are central to any business. They have rooted themselves in our daily work routines and are necessary to getting work done. They sometimes take on a life of their own…we all have those stories! But how often do we say, “Wow, that was a great meeting”?

Great meetings occur when the technology works, the meeting is managed well, content is presented and discussed, and everyone is connected and actively participating. Unfortunately, the majority of these “great meeting” moments make up the minority of our meeting experiences.

We are here to make these “great meeting” moments the majority. Who better to do so but us, because we are passionate about every dimension of the meeting. The technology platform, the feature set, and most importantly—setting our customers and users up for success. We are the experts and we’re ready to share our knowledge and expertise with you and your users to be more productive and drive better business outcomes. At GoToMeeting, we do it for the love of the meeting.

Starting today, we’re rolling out a month of content to help YOU be the expert in meetings and boost your productivity. We’ll share advice from other GoToMeeting users, tips from the experts here and exciting product updates.

So to kick off this month that’s all about you – here are some updates to our platform that we know will make your meetings better!

  • A Better Way To Share Screens – Tired of passing presenter to attendees who need to share? Try a better way to run collaborative meetings. Enable all attendees to present seamlessly without needing to request from the host.
  • Meeting Lock – Keep your meetings on track with Meeting Lock! Prevent unwanted attendees from joining your meeting room while another meeting is finishing up.
  • Polycom One Touch Dial with GoToMeeting – Seamlessly schedule and join a GoToMeeting session through your Polycom conference room device, including Polycom Group Series.
  • Meeting Quality and Audio Improvements – We’ve made infrastructure improvements that make your GoToMeeting app more reliable, period. We’ve also improved webcam resolution for recorded meetings, fixed in-session audio issues, sped up meeting join times, and improved screen sharing quality in APAC.

These new features are all available today, so jump into your next meeting and test them out! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.