Moving Offices? Why It's the Best Time to Switch to the Cloud


So, you’ve decided to move offices. Maybe your old office was just getting too small or you’ve decided to move to a more central location. Whatever the case, this is a great opportunity for you to streamline your office technologies, like your business phone system.

Today, more and more people are switching from legacy phone systems to digital platforms that run on the cloud to manage their business communication needs. If you have yet to transition from your legacy phone systems, this is the perfect opportunity to shift to a better, more reliable system. 

1. Your current system needs an upgrade.

If you’ve been using a traditional phone system that’s more than five years old, it’s time to make the switch. The older your phone system, the more likely it is that you’ll be experiencing costly issues. As it is with all forms of technology, the older the technology, the harder it is to repair because of a lack of parts or qualified technicians. 

2. You want to minimize downtime during the move.

Moving offices can be challenging for business operations. Unfortunately, traditional phone systems are not equipped with bridging presence or capabilities to assure you don’t experience downtime during the move.

A cloud-based system like Hosted VoIP ensures that your phone lines remain active during the entire moving process. This helps minimize the disruption the move could make on productivity. In addition, it offers robust call forwarding options that reduce missed customer and client calls during your move, which could cause confusion.

3. Incorporate new features and integrations. 

Moving your business communication system to the cloud gives you access to a host of  new features that support voice, chat, video, and analytics. These features help to establish more professionalism among your customers.

Features previously inaccessible to your business due to cost—such as voicemail to email functions, automatic call forwarding, or CRM integrations—are now available. 

4. Future-proof your business communications. 

Cloud-based phone systems are a cost-effective, straightforward, and easily implementable way to ensure your business’ resilience in the digital age. Hosted VoIP systems, especially those that offer a simple, per-seat pricing system, are a great and affordable way to ensure operational efficiency in an age where consistent technological changes require businesses to evolve. You can access new features consistently without having to deal with maintenance issues, and can readily scale up depending on your company needs.

If you’re moving offices and want to give your business communication tools a much-needed update, be sure to consider what Hosted VoIP can do for your organization. To find out more about Hosted VoIP, contact the team at GoToConnect today!