Let Our Smart Meeting Assistant Take Notes for You! - GotoMeeting


How many times have you ended a day full of meetings with a spinning head of “who’s scheduling the next meeting?” or “what am I supposed to follow up on?” You can’t find it anywhere in your notes and wracking your brain at 5pm is a fool’s errand. Now you can forget about these missed meeting moments, using a new feature we announced earlier this week. With GoToMeeting’s Smart Meeting Assistant, you can transcribe all your recorded meetings for easy review and sharing later!

While a meeting is only a moment in time, what happens in that meeting will have a lasting impact. This new feature gives you a simpler way to review what happened in the meeting after it’s ended. So you can worry less about taking notes for later, and focus on what’s really important in the moment – whether that’s building client relationships, brainstorming ideas, or moving projects along with your team.

With GoToMeeting’s Smart Meeting Assistant, you can access and share full meeting recordings through a simple web link. This recording includes audio, screen-shared content, everyone’s webcams, and a written transcript. The recording can also be searched if you want to cut to key insights or action items. Searching will automatically adjust the playback of the video content, so you can see and hear exactly when the topic was discussed.

Check out the video below to see exactly how it works and how to get started!


All our GoToMeeting Pro and Plus customers who have turned on our new unlimited cloud recording can start using transcripts right away! Try smart meeting assistant at your next meeting so you can focus on the present, and leave the note taking to us.