Jive for Legal Practices [Infographic]

Your legal practice has a phone system, but is it an asset or a liability? Jive’s cloud-based phone systems deliver a simple yet powerful voice solution that empowers lawyers to be more productive, provide superior client service, and ensure their offices always have the latest technology and features.

  • Show off “Big Law” features.

    Without the bulky hardware requirements of a typical phone system, a Cloud system like Jive’s can give any practice access to “Big Law” features like customizable auto attendants, voicemail, conference bridges, and more.

  • Select the top-rated service.

    Jive is consistently ranked #1 by customers for superior call quality, customer support, and system reliability. Find out why customers recommend us more than any other vendor.

  • Rack up more productive hours with true mobility.

    Transform your mobile device into an extension of your office phone. Using the Jive Mobile application, you can make and take client calls on your mobile device using your business number. Be productive anywhere without sacrificing your private cell number.

  • Collaborate seamlessly across multiple locations.

    With Jive, every employee can have their own conference bridge (they’re included at no extra cost with Jive’s basic suite of voice features). Easily integrate multiple locations and remote workers to make your practice more productive.

  • Trim hardware costs.

    Enjoy the latest communication technology with minimal hardware costs, no maintenance charges, included features and 24x7x365 support for one low, monthly cost.

  • Here is a sample of what a Jive-powered law practice looks like. Check out the law office featured in the infographic below and see what Jive can do for you.

    Legal practice phone system