The Jive Body: Business Phone Systems


Jive’s Hosted VoIP Business phone system is a lot like a body. Just like there are a lot of different parts that are key to make your body function, develop, and thrive, the same goes for a business phone system. Let’s take a look at the different parts of a Jive Hosted VoIP system that make it unique compared to other phone systems.

The Cloud is the Heart of Hosted VoIP

Just like a heart, the Cloud is what pumps the lifeblood through a Hosted VoIP system. Through the Internet, companies are able to make and receive phone calls and receive the phone service that every business needs to stay connected to its customers. It updates your system with the latest software automatically and keeps your phone system “fit”. It is what transmits your calls from one phone to another and without it, there is not life in your phone system.

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The Dial Plan Editor is the Brain of Jive

The Dial Plan Editor is the central hub of everything that goes on within your phone system—just like the brain. It is where you create the plan to direct, filter, and distribute all of your calls internally and externally. For example, you can visually map the route your calls will take through auto attendants, ring groups, specific extensions, and countless other options in the Dial Plan Editor. Every single thing you do with your phone system depends on your ability to create it in your dial plan. That’s why having a visual Dial Plan Editor is important to create a smart phone system.

The “Bare-Bones” Features Frame Hosted VoIP

There are some features that are considered as basic or necessary. These are what form the skeletal structure of your phone system. Features like extension dialing, voicemail, call transferring, call forwarding, and placing calls on hold, are all features that you expect to have and need in order to run your business. Without them, your phone system won’t really work without them.

Robust Features Allow Your Phone System to Flex

Having a strong, robust set of features that aren’t “necessary” but improve the function of your system fall into this category. Features like custom greetings/hold music, video conferencing, custom schedules, heat mapping reports, and much more, all play large roles in how your business functions. And since these aren’t necessary, you can have as structured or lean a system as you want. And did we mention that you’ll get all features—including these—in your monthly subscription to Jive Voice? Whether you need your system to be quick and nimble, or strong and robust, these features will allow you to do that.

Listen, Observe, and Improve

There are some features that will help you observe what is going on within your company. Call logs, analytics, and call history all help you see visually what is happening within the system and how you can improve your business. In addition, call monitoring allows your managers to listen in to their team’s calls and provide them with valuable feedback they need to improve.

What’s Your Diagnosis?

Now that you have seen how Jive’s Hosted VoIP phone system functions, you’ll decide whether or not it is the right solution for your business phone system needs. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about Jive Voice’s features.

Jive Body Infographic