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As the modern workforce grows more and more distributed, technology has done a pretty good job of following suit. Still, for the average remote worker, inclusiveness can feel like a touchy subject; especially if their employer doesn’t have the proper tools in place. From shadowy video to missing out on whiteboard notes – for remote meeting participants, keeping up with on-site colleagues can feel like a herculean effort.

If the goal of today’s workforce is to enable better decision-making and collaboration, employees need to work together in a way that makes them feel empowered and confident that they can act on information in real time. According to research we conducted with Frost & Sullivan, the trend towards open offices has created a huge demand for huddle spaces that allow distributed teams to meet without disruptions. Now, more than ever, organizations around the world are looking to arm these spaces with the right equipment – and we’ve got just the thing.

Introducing GoToRoom with Dolby Voice

Earlier this summer, we announced a budding partnership between GoToRoom and Dolby Voice. Today, we’re thrilled to say the wait is over! After months of hard work, Dolby’s long-celebrated audio and video capabilities now integrate fully and flawlessly with GoToRoom. The newest of its kind, the bundle combines GoToRoom’s fast, easy and reliable software with Dolby’s world-renowned hardware for an unparalleled meeting experience. The magic lies within three components:

  1. Dolby Conference Phone: Multi-microphone, multi-speaker phone that integrates with the same familiar GoToRoom user interface.
  2. Dolby Voice Camera: A 13 megapixel, 4K USB 3.0 camera with a 95-degree field of view.
  3. Dolby Voice Hub: A footprint appliance that runs the GoToRoom application, sending audio and video signals to meeting attendees.

Put the intelligence back in your collaboration

Transforming your GoToRoom meetings with Dolby Voice delivers an experience with tools that intelligently bridge the gap of inequity between in-room and remote participants. In addition to the same GoToRoom software you know and love, here’s what you can expect from a Dolby-powered session:

  • Attendee framing: Adjusts angles to give everyone the most relevant view of the meeting, automatically zooming in or out, panning as needed.
  • Whiteboard View: Gives remote participants a head-on view of the whiteboard when someone is writing on it.
  • High-dynamic range video mapping: Adapts to different lighting situations, avoiding muddied or “washed out” webcam visuals.
  • Full-room pickup: Captures distant voices while simultaneously targeting quiet or overlapping voices to foster natural conversation.

GoToRoom with Dolby Voice is available today for offices across the United States. Ready to revolutionize yours? Contact your GoToMeeting sales representative or visit our website today!