4 Ways Hosted VoIP Levels the Playing Field for SMBs


With all the perks and conveniences the Internet has to offer, it has also made businesses more competitive. This fact is especially relevant for smaller businesses that already find it difficult to keep pace with larger organizations.

Investing in the right tools, however, can help to level the playing field between small businesses and blue-chip corporations. Reliable VoIP services, specifically Hosted VoIP solutions, are designed to boost communication capabilities and increase operational efficiencies. With this, you’ll be able to provide the same level of service expected from bigger businesses at a fraction of the cost. Here’s how:

#1. Eases financial pressure

When companies leverage technology to improve critical aspects of the business, it often requires a significant monetary investment. This cost makes it particularly difficult for businesses to keep up with the evolving technology or industry needs. As a result, many smaller businesses tend to get left behind.

This is where a Hosted VoIP solution comes in. Cloud-based, off premise solutions—like Hosted VoIP—are great at leveling the financial pressure that technology can impose on businesses. Instead of investing in the physical infrastructure, all small businesses need to do is pay for a monthly subscription. There’s also no need to purchase hardware or allocate funds for a dedicated team to maintain it.

#2. Creates a sense of professionalism

Small businesses often don’t have the resources or disposable income to exude the same sense of professionalism that blue-chip companies do. But with the cost efficiency of a Hosted VoIP phone system, it’s now possible for smaller companies to create that same level professionalism. Numerous features—including voicemail, call forwarding, and email notification—that were previously available only to companies who could afford the technology investment, are now accessible to small businesses.

#3. Helps companies improve productivity

A reliable Hosted VoIP system can easily leverage multiple communication and collaboration tools. This allows employees to really focus on the actual work at hand.

Instead of being bogged down by common communication bottlenecks, everything is streamlined, organized, and efficient. For instance, juggling the multiple communication platforms to reach out to colleagues is no longer needed. There’s also no need to keep switching from one platform to another to check and keep up with messages. It fosters seamless collaboration among teams and helps minimize miscommunication.

#4. Allows businesses to save time

The numerous capabilities that Hosted VoIP offers provides companies with communication options that can make coordination and client servicing faster and more efficient. Instead of time-consuming meetings, constant communication can be easily facilitated using Hosted VoIP features like messaging and email. As an alternative to onsite meetings, where teams have to travel to and from venues, conferencing features are more convenient.

Not only does Hosted VoIP give smaller businesses a chance to focus on improving client communication, it also frees up employees’ time in order to focus on delivering quality services to clients—similar to what they would get if they were working with a blue-chip organization.

Companies continue to adopt Hosted VoIP service to address the growing demands of customers and the evolving nature of businesses today.  If you’re looking to do the same, find out how our services can raise your competitive edge. Feel free to contact us at Jive. We will answer your questions and guide you through this new transition.