Hosted VoIP and Disaster Recovery: 5 Benefits to Consider


As fickle as the business landscape can be, nature can be even more unpredictable. Force majeure (unforseeable circumstances) can inflict a lot of damage on businesses—equipment can get damaged due to flooding. Critical office data can get lost during earthquakes. Even snow days can unexpectedly submerge basement archives.

To that end, many companies are turning to technology to make sure that they have a robust disaster recovery plan in place.  That’s where Hosted VoIP (voice over internet protocol) can help.

Several companies assume that Hosted VoIP only streamlines internal communications. But Hosted VoIP’s inherent operational system also ensures that companies can expect business continuity as well.  How? A few ways Hosted VoIP helps your company soldier on after a disaster is by –

1. Ensuring communication continuity

Because Hosted VoIP runs on the cloud, communication services are more consistent and reliable. Backed by a dependable provider, Hosted VoIP services can easily reroute traffic to keep communications flowing regardless of potential disruptions.

Cloud-based platforms are free from the constraints and limitations of traditional phone systems. For whatever reason you lose connectivity, you can easily recover important data and maintain communications.

2. Providing redundancy

If a natural disaster causes service interruptions to your connection, Hosted VoIP providers often implement secondary connections that assure communication consistency among all their subscribers.

3. Communicating virtually uninterrupted

In the event of a disaster, Hosted VoIP providers – especially if they’re located outside of where your business is physically located – won’t be as heavily impacted. This means that even if employees experience disruptions in their local area, they can use their mobile devices, access their Hosted VoIP dashboard in an area where online services are available and resume communications.

4. Delivering consistent service regardless of location

Because it’s possible to remotely log in to the VoIP system, it’s also easy to recreate the same communication system just as it was before the disaster struck. Simply log back into the Hosted VoIP system and you’re ready to go. Rest easy knowing that any information you’d previously saved on the network before the system went down will be intact.

5. Minimizing disaster impact on hardware

In the event your office is inaccessible, Hosted VoIP allows you to access most of your phone features via a softphone application. Your staff can download softphones to their laptops, tablets and smartphones. That means they can still receive business calls and access voicemails even outside the office. And if you have advance warning, they can also grab their desk phones, take them home, plug them in there and make calls like they’re in the office.

With a reliable Hosted VoIP system in place, communications with clients during disaster recovery can carry on like normal. You can still receive Inbound calls, and coordinate your team like usual.

Of course, it all depends on how reliable your Hosted VoIP provider is. So be sure to reach out to us at GoToConnect so we can discuss how our Hosted VoIP system can best prepare your company for disaster recovery.