GoToMeeting and Beyond: The Benefits of a Unified Solution


When we couldn’t meet in person, GoToMeeting had your back. The platform lets you connect from anywhere with the simple, easy-to-use features we all love. From screen sharing and personalized meeting urls to streamlined recording and transcripts, GoToMeeting became a tried-and-true resource. But as work shifted from in-person to fully remote last year, many are now moving to a hybrid and flexible future. Working from anywhere means you need more than just video meetings. Why have one point solution when you can upgrade to GoToConnect, the easy-to-customize cloud phone, meetings, and messaging system that has it all.

In a unique decade-over-decade survey (2011-2021), analyst Roger Courville, CSP found that respondents who were actively using video conferencing jumped from 20.3% in 2011 to 84.4% in 2021 —unsurprisingly, a 300+% increase. Similarly, 17.7% had never participated in a video conference in 2011, and in 2021 that number dropped to 0.4%.

Virtual meetings have become the norm — and in a post-pandemic world, they aren’t going away. The convenience of talking face-to-face with colleagues around the world has changed the way we work forever.

So, what makes GoToConnect special? With this unified solution, you can set your business up for success with a flexible system that adds on calls and chat to your virtual communication toolkit. You’ll also receive significant cost savings and more value for your dollar. We’ve outlined 4 benefits of switching to an all-in-one solution:

Take your phone system to the cloud:

Before GoToConnect, when employees were working remote, the phone juggle from office line to personal cell phone was common. Our customer, KAD Dental, was passing around a cellphone for after-hour calls before switching to GoToConnect and adopting an efficient and seamless solution. With a cloud phone system, you can connect from any device at any time through the app or browser for maximum efficiency. And with top-notch security and 99.996% uptime, you can rely on those calls.

Future-proof your business:

As you set your business up for growth, you need your tech stack to move with you. Unlimited extensions and features like the auto-attendant for convenient call routing leave room to scale up. And for this product, we don’t believe in learning curves. GoToConnect has a user-friendly, drag and drop visual dial plan editor that makes customizing a breeze. As you grow your business, GoToConnect will be ready.

Keep the conversation going with your team:

GoToConnect has video conferencing and much more. After a call, you can use the team chat feature to share files, discuss projects, or jump into a call or meeting from the chat window.

Work from a single app and vendor:

Instead of scanning multiple applications for messages and upcoming meetings, GoToConnect puts it all in one place to easily join and stay on top of your work. Consolidation also helps you free up valuable IT resources with one trusted vendor contact, one-day deploy, and the same integrations you use with your GoToMeeting licenses.

With the upgrade, you get more features, and better bang for your buck. And for a limited time, GoToMeeting customers can unlock GoToConnect for no additional cost. For your first year, you’ll enjoy GoToConnect upgrades for the same price as GoToMeeting. Visit our website to learn more.