GoTo Connect Business Phone System Unites Dispersed Team Members And Enhances Customer Service


When Dragon2000 Commercial Director Mark Kelland first heard about the benefits of GoTo Connect, he thought it was too good to be true. The company, which supplies award-winning IT systems to the motor trade, was looking for a business phone solution that would enable all of its staff, wherever they were working, to make and receive calls via the company’s phone network.

One major benefit of the cloud-based GoTo Connect software is that there are no up-front capital costs for phones or hardware. Instead, there is a single monthly fee per user, which covers all of the services within GoTo Connect and GoTo Meeting, plus a generous call allowance. Crucially, with more people than ever working remotely, it gives Dragon2000 staff access to all of the calling, meeting and videoconferencing tools they need, in single package.

Mark says: “The major benefit for us is that every member of staff can now work live on our phone system, wherever they are. That means they can be contacted by customers and make outgoing calls on their mobiles, all within our network. Everything can be recorded, and we get live reporting so we can see how busy we are at any time. It’s a modern, joined-up communication system that is tailor made for the way people are working today.”

Click the image below to read the full story about how GoTo Connect helped Dragon2000 to keep its staff connected while working remotely, at the same time as enhancing the company’s high standards of customer service – and saving money.