What’s new: Partners and customers benefit through our greatest and latest product releases



Partnerships start with a trusted relationship, and for GoTo’s Partners it starts with trust in reliable software solutions they can confidently recommend to their customers. At GoTo, we are dedicated to continuous innovation and world-class security while maintaining easy IT solutions for maximum productivity. We are continuously launching new features, but three times a year we package it all up for you; this time we’re focusing on security, integrations & productivity, AI & automation, accessibility, and customer centricity.

Our Partners are vital to GoTo’s success, and every day I wake up thinking, how can we make it easier for our partners to succeed with us, and make it easier for them to sell the full GoTo portfolio? With our second annual Partner Appreciation Week in the books, I was able to see for myself the enthusiasm for GoTo from our global Partner community. Today I’m excited to share with all of you some of the nearly 60 new features we just launched – and how it will make it easier for you to get your customers the robust products they need.

Some of the newest features from GoTo include:

Enhanced security and compliance for your critical IT management tools

The new application updates in GoTo Resolve keep third-party applications on managed devices updated. The recently introduced GoTo Resolve Asset Management also protects businesses by tracking, monitoring, and managing their inventory of IT hardware assets to increase productivity, easily identify devices and users, and ensure compliance.

Complex workflows are more integrated and easier to navigate

GoTo Resolve now integrates with Logitech for CollabOS to provide built-in remote access for video conferencing hardware. GoTo Resolve also released a new dashboard experience for real-time visibility into key device monitoring and helpdesk metrics, and the ability to customize email addresses for helpdesk service. GoTo Connect updates enhance collaboration to make teams more productive and elevate the customer experience with remote control meetings, shared inbox assignment visibility, and network probe alerts to proactively address potential network issues before they escalate.

AI-powered and automated tasks

New features automate repetitive tasks to save IT teams and employees valuable time. These updates include GoTo Resolve Helpline, which gives end users an additional channel for support and generates AI-powered troubleshooting tips while they wait for an agent. AI Chat Analysis for GoTo Connect instantly assesses customer satisfaction and generates concise summaries, resulting in a better understanding of customer interactions. For U.S.-based customers, GoTo Connect SMS call flow delivers SMS messaging into communication flow with a simple drag and drop to connect with customers faster and more easily. Dynamic contact matching in GoTo Connect better manages contact information with easy-to-use delete, search, and sort functionality.

Later this year, GoTo will release two additional AI-enhanced features in its flagship products. A new AI assistant for GoTo Resolve will analyze device health and provide recommendations for follow-up actions to resolve issues, eliminating multiple manual data collection steps and streamlining troubleshooting. Additionally, building from AI Chat Analysis, customers will benefit from an AI-powered GoTo Contact Center offering that provides topic and sentiment analysis, interaction summaries, and real-time conversation recovery to save time and boost productivity.

More effective ways to serve your customers on any device

LogMeIn Rescue now offers support for Intel vPro® enabled devices allowing for support of out-of-band devices, as well as expanded OS support, including Linux improvements and support for Chromebooks, offering more ways to support more types of devices using Rescue. GoTo Resolve has added in-session VoIP capabilities to provide real-time verbal assistance in remote support sessions. GoTo Connect has rolled out a new agent softphone with effortless access to contact information while on a call, flexible meeting session layouts, and contact segmentation to organize and communicate with customers by group easily.

Why do these updates help Partners succeed? 

Great question! If you have customers with these GoTo products, they will automatically see these updates and releases and can start using them today. These updates also give Partners the opportunity to connect with their current customers to make sure they understand the full value and benefits of these new features, and let prospective customers know that GoTo is continuously innovating to solve the business challenges that may have prohibited them from using our services in the past. With these new features, Partners can also show their customers capabilities for products they might not be using yet, such as providing IT solutions to current UCaaS users. More solutions for customers plus more customer opportunities equals increased Partner success – it's a win-win!

“GoTo allows my customers to consolidate their tech stack and optimize their ROI. It is exciting to see the innovation and new features continuously being launched and I am thrilled to share these latest releases with my customers.” 

Jerry Goldman, President, CEO, Select Communications

I’m excited, our Partners are excited, and customers are going to be excited about these updates! This can help all of us close out a huge Q4.

Not a current GoTo Partner? Grow your business with the GoTo portfolio

With IT and business communication tools like GoTo Resolve, GoTo Connect, Rescue, and more, it’s easy to scale your business as a GoTo Partner. Our Partners stand out from the competition by offering their customers a consolidated solution of communications and remote IT support.

Watch our webinar to learn more about the latest product releases that can help propel you and your customers and consolidate their tech stack.

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