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The success of an IT software company depends on two factors: a technically superior product and a strong partner program. For GoTo, it’s the growth mindset that propels continuous product innovation to deliver a robust solution with an unmatched simple user experience. Simultaneously, GoTo constantly strives to improve and grow its partner program through increased support resources, trusted relationships, and white-glove marketing services.

Throughout the first half of 2023, the GoTo Partner Network has enhanced its experience and offering for our valued partners. Recent updates include the development of new product training and certificate courses for both sides of the business, Communications and IT Support and Management; relaunching the benefits program, which now includes technology advisors; rolling out a new self-serve Partner onboarding program; increasing the volume of Partner-specific webinars, and so much more. GoTo continues to be the only Partner-focused company in the market to bring both UCaaS, CCaaS, Collaboration and IT products to the global Partner ecosystem. We know our products are the main reason our Partners think GoTo first, and our latest product releases make IT even easier for customers and Partners—and will help Partners stand out from the competition on a truly global scale.

Ensuring that IT teams and communications stay ahead of changing business needs and behaviors, GoTo has released dozens of new features for our remote IT support portfolio: GoTo Resolve, Rescue, and Central, as well as GoTo Connect, GoTo Meeting, and GoTo Contact Center. With over 80% of businesses considering consolidation of communication, collaboration, and IT management and support tools a top priority, GoTo enables business leaders to securely consolidate vendors while offering the right integrations, saving IT teams time and money with a single provider.

New features from GoTo include:

Security, even stronger for tools, devices, and company data

Our new Mobile Device Management offering, endpoint protection add-on, admin permissions, and Azure Active Directory Sync are designed to close security holes and stay ahead of cyber threats.

User experiences, AI-powered for greater efficiency

Enhanced features like Disruption Free Unattended Access, Linux support expansion, Webcam Zoom, and an AI-enhanced script generator help you get more done, the easy way.

Customer decisions, made easier with data

New data visualizations like Interaction Details, SMS Health Dashboard, and Conversation Review help your organization discover opportunities and determine better outcomes.

Critical tools together, unlocking savings and productivity

Boost collaboration and security, while cutting costs through the latest integrations with Microsoft Teams, Miro, and Bitdefender.

“With so many software options for our customers, it is critical that we are offering not only top industry-rated products but are truly responding to customer needs with evolving new features. GoTo is really aware of current trends and investing in product development which is why we think GoTo first as a top business communications and IT support and management software solution.” 

— Darin Craven, EVP, GEM, OneTel Holdings

Grow your business with the GoTo portfolio

With business communication and IT tools like GoTo Connect, GoTo Resolve, Rescue and more, it’s easy to scale your business as a GoTo Partner. Our Partners stand out from the competition by offering their customers a consolidated solution of communications and remote IT support. 

Discover how your customers can benefit from this powerful tool or how you can partner with GoTo.

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