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The Find Me/Follow Me feature is a game changer for school employees. Teachers, parents, and other administrators are in constant contact, and with Jive’s Hosted VoIP service for education the Find Me/Follow Me feature guarantees that you will never miss a call. It allows anyone on the system to customize their phone so they may be reached at different locations and on any Jive enabled device.

With Find Me/Follow Me, users have the option of letting their incoming calls ring to multiple phones simultaneously or be funneled through a sequential ring path. If a user is away from their desk or wants to ensure that important calls get through even when they’re not at work, their work extension can simply be pushed to a cell phone or another line.

Never Miss a Call

Picture yourself as a high school principal. You probably want to spend as much time as possible in front of students and teachers, but you feel chained to your desk because of administrative work and phones calls. On any given day you may be waiting for a call from an important vendor or a government official and you want to be immediately responsive. Enter Find Me/Follow Me. Specific numbers can be filtered through customized ring paths so that if you want to make sure a government official gets through to a live person, you could have his or her number ring a few times to your phone and then roll over to another administrator’s phone.

Another benefit of Find Me/Follow me in school districts is that administrators and teachers only have to give out one number—their work number—and they can customize their call routing so that they see the calls they want on the devices they’ve selected. These settings are quickly customizable by an end user with no technical expertise.

Be Ready For Any Scenario

The Find Me/Follow Me feature also has implications district-wide. Coupled with cloud technologies, Find Me/Follow Me can make district communications immune from power outages and other disasters that might normally cripple the communications network between administrators, teachers, and parents. Users can not only set up call options for ringing their personal phone, but also set up a fallback calling option in case of a network outage.  The system automatically routes calls to the specified fallback option, be it a cell phone, home phone, or third party service. If each district employee’s work extension is tied to their personal cell phone with the Find Me/Follow Me feature, then communications will be protected from any kind of outage- whether a power outage or a shut-down due to a security risk.

Make Things Easy

The technology administrator in charge of the communications system of a district or school has plenty of reasons to be excited about Find Me/Follow Me. While this administrator has control over the network as a whole, he or she can essentially be hands-off about how end users decide to set up their Find Me/Follow Me features; it’s self-explanatory and requires no technical expertise. Each end user can decide how they want to use the feature, and no help should be needed for setup. It’s just one less thing the system’s administrator has to worry about.

Jive service requires very little technical expertise to administer. The intuitive set-up of Find Me/Follow Me is consistent across all of Jive’s features, and the Jive team guides administrators step-by-step through set-up, implementation, and troubleshooting with its award-winning, U.S.-based customer service team.

Jive makes phone system management intuitive so you can focus on what’s important.  Give our dedicated education team a call 877-548-3007 to learn more about the Jive solution for Education, or learn about Jive’s remote management, or mobility features.

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