Checking an Internet Connection

Before a business commits to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it is best for them to confirm their Internet Service Provider will provide satisfactory service and high-speed, which results in high quality hosted VoIP calls.

The following are four questions for businesses to ask concerning their Internet Service Provider.

1. Contact Jive and ask them if they have experience with other VoIP businesses in the area. This is always a good indication of local Internet Service Providers’ quality, consistency and speed. If a businesses internet connection is sporadic and lacks speed, VoIP will not work properly.

2. Always consider that an Internet Service Provider will likely inflate their speeds. In order to confirm the actual speed, consider connecting a PC in an area centrally located to the modem or router. Free websites allow businesses to run speed tests. Companies should note their upload speed and their download speed. The lowest number is generally the most important, as it usually is an accurate upload speed.

3. A business should determine their number of [projected] concurrent voice calls. In order for a business to accurately calculate this number, they should take 75% of their lowest speed (see the aforementioned in part two) divided by 35 Kbps. This number reflects the average voice call using the common Codec G.729. If the result is less than the number of concurrent voice calls, the Internet Service Provider’s speed is not sufficient. If the number is, however, greater, Jive’s business VoIP program is an excellent option. A side note: 1 Mbps equals 1,000 Kbps, or 0.1 Mbps equals 100 Kbps.

4. To test the quality of an Internet Service Provider connection, there are a number of free websites available. Many of these check the Internet’s connection for a delay or loss. If the delay is excessive, these websites will report if it is occurring at the business’ location or within the Internet Service Provider’s network.

Once these four issues have been properly addressed, a company is ready to switch to a VoIP system. VoIP systems save businesses thousands of dollars annually, if not monthly. By allowing companies to utilize their already existing Internet Service Provider and combine their phone systems, this reduces expenses once associated with local, long distance and international calling.

Jive offers five different tiered programs, all providing unlimited calling with month-to-month contracts and no hidden fees. Additionally, they offer a number of features including auto attendants, voicemail, caller ID, hold music, call routing, virtual extensions, dial-by-name directories, call forwarding, call recording, call logs, call reports, unified messaging, message on hold, desktop integration, online fax, ring groups, intercom, call queues, speed dial, custom scheduling, remote access, LDAP integration, call transfers and online PBX controls.