Building an Integrated Rooms Solution that Targets Meeting Efficiency


IT leaders are finding themselves at the center of a major shift, as the way people get work done is changing. Traditional nine-to-five workers are adopting a more flexible approach and schedule, and open office plans have gained major traction. While this open office strategy certainly serves to open lines of communication and break down barriers, it also brings about the need for smaller spaces. Employees need somewhere to conduct smaller or more informal meetings used to happen in someone’s office. These spaces are often referred to as “huddle rooms", and analyst firm Frost & Sullivan estimates there to be at least 30 million of them around the world. These rooms are bringing a new set of considerations to IT’s plate – and a huge opportunity to boost productivity.

Meeting Spaces Provide More Choice, Control

Through their research, Frost and Sullivan have found that less than 3% of huddle rooms are equipped with video conferencing software. This provides a sizeable opportunity for IT leaders to improve how their employees collaborate across their entire organization. Today’s workers have become increasingly dependent on technology to achieve maximum productivity. They want to work smarter, not harder, by connecting instantly, engaging meaningfully, and driving real results. What’s more, businesses today are more generationally diverse than ever. Millennials already make up the majority, with Frost & Sullivan predicting that they’ll comprise 75% of the US workforce by 2024. They’re looking for engaging, lifelike meeting experiences – and CIOs can harness this collaborative instinct with the right video conferencing tools.

Introducing GoToRoom with Dolby Voice: Intelligent Features For Today’s Workforce

Earlier this summer, GoTo announced an exciting partnership between Dolby Voice and our conference room software, GoToRoom. The newest of its kind, the bundle combines GoToRoom’s fast, easy-to-use conference room software with Dolby’s world-renowned hardware to turn modest huddle rooms into smart, video-equipped collaboration spaces.

Through GoToRoom and Dolby, the activity happening in the room - whether it’s brainstorming or project planning - can be fully experienced by remote attendees as if they were there in person.  Enhanced video through a 4K wide-angle camera can automatically adjust to focus on the most relevant view of the meeting, whether someone is pacing back and forth or writing on a whiteboard. It’s truly a real-life meeting experience brought to life online.

And at the center of GoToRoom with Dolby Voice is the Dolby conference phone. Much more than a phone, it’s the ideal audio and control center for in-room meetings. It combines incredible audio conferencing sound quality with GoToRoom’s easy-to-use interface to schedule, start, and manage all your meetings.

Modernize Your Huddle Rooms to Maximize Productivity

As today’s workforce grows increasingly distributed, it’s more important than ever to provide the most natural, lifelike meeting experience to end-users – no matter where they are or what device they’re using. And providing a seamless video conferencing experience will lead the growing digital natives in your organization to be more engaged, collaborative and connected. The end result? More productive meetings, stronger peer relationships, and a clear return on investment.

For more information on GoToRoom with Dolby Voice, visit our website.

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For a deeper dive into how huddle rooms are changing the enterprise collaboration landscape, read the full Frost & Sullivan whitepaper.

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