GoToMeeting Listed in the Best Video Conferencing Software of 2019


To keep up with evolving workplaces and the increasing business need for travel, remote work, and flexible office hours, organizations are turning more and more towards cloud-based video conferencing services. But in a competitive marketplace, it’s tough to know which is the best video conferencing solution for your companyFurthermore, finding time to read up on,  learn about, and compare all the different meeting solutions can feel daunting given your already busy schedule. Let us help you narrow your search to an award winning solution! GoToMeeting was recently named the Best Overall Video Conference System for Business by Business News Daily!

What made GoToMeeting the best overall video conference solution? Business News Daily took a lot of different criteria into account: pricing, capacity, ease of use, customer support, and features were all part of the grading process that put GoToMeeting at the top of the list. And this is the third year the product has been recognized by industry leaders as exceptional – GoToMeeting was also listed as one of TechRadar’s top video conference services in both 2017 and 2018.

But when comparing the best video conferencing software, it’s not enough to just see who’s winning the awards; you want to get a feel for what the software can really do. So let’s break down the features, tools, and advantages that make up the best overall video conference system available today.  When taking the time to read about and compare the best video conferencing software available, there are generally a few main features to look for and roadblocks to overcome. Let’s break it down.

Integrations with multiple operating systems

Whether your company provides devices or lets employees bring their own, there is a good chance everyone uses a number of different computers, phones and tablets to  read emails, hold meetings, and find solutions – especially if they’re traveling or working remote. In a lot of situations, this can create compatibility problems. For example, Mac users may have trouble connecting through video with someone on an Android phone, or a Windows user with an iOS device, and so on. The problem can quickly grow in complexity as more technology is added and more participants join the meeting.

GoToMeeting solves this problem by seamlessly integrating with all the major devices and operating systems so you can take advantage of the best video conferencing app on whichever one you own.

If you aren’t able to download the software, you can still sign into a web conference using any browser of your choice. Even if you don’t have an Internet connection, you can still participate by using a designated dial-in number for audio conferencing. Connecting is quick and easy with the GoToMeeting platform.

Support for a high number of attendees

Another common problem found with standard video call options are the limits placed on the number of participants. If you have an important video meeting and a lot of remote people who should be involved, you do not want to restrict attendance. With GoToMeeting you can host up to 250 people in your meetings.

GoToMeeting also allows you to host video conferences with up to 25 different video feeds visible, all at the same time. Even when a participant is screen sharing, you can still see the entire team. This means that no one has to miss out on calls, and you don’t have to hassle with arranging in-person video meetings because everyone feels like they are in the same room thanks to the high quality offered. GoToMeeting is one of the best HD video conferencing software when you want to meet face to face.

The best app for video conferencing

GoToMeeting provides users with high-quality video, top-rated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices and compatibility across every major operating system. But the advantages of GoToMeeting features do not end there. GoToMeeting also offers live screen sharing, crystal-clear audio, cloud-based call recording and custom meeting room links, as well as integrations with popular calendars, email and messaging apps (like Slack). This means that businesses do not have to sacrifice any of the main benefits of meeting in person when working with remote employees or management teams during video conference calls.

Video conferencing for any sized business

Some companies may feel a little intimidated about using a video conference service. Perhaps they think they don’t have the technical expertise to handle web conferencing software, or they may feel overwhelmed at the lists of tools and available features and capabilities there are to learn. Some may feel their company is too small to get the most out of the service. But foregoing the implementation of a reliable cloud-based meeting platform however is definitely a mistake, no matter the size of your business. Management teams at small businesses quickly learn just how pivotal a cloud-based meeting platform can be when they start using GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting is a perfect fit for a small business as it allows for almost any type of meeting you want. Communication between different teams to facilitate real-time collaboration is extremely easy, and meetings with clients and customers are a breeze no matter where they’re located. There’s no need to read any complex manual or spend excessive time trying to learn how to use the platform. Why? Because the solution is intuitive. The GoToMeeting platform offers the same easy-to-use features that participants will get the most out of no matter the size of the business. Whether a large multinational corporation or an optimistic startup, companies will find a lot to like.

Free trial

Even with all these beneficial features, there may still be a bit of hesitance to adopt GoToMeeting. Luckily, GoToMeeting allows prospective customers to sign up for a free 14-day trial. This gives participants a chance to try out all the different features and advantages that GoToMeeting offers at absolutely no cost. Consider it as a no-risk way to test something out before fully committing to it. For two full weeks, participants can experience for themselves the benefits of using a group video conference service, including increased productivity for workers, decreased travel costs and a way to improve relationships with coworkers, customers and clients. Giving prospective customers a free trial is a great way to get people familiar with the software and give them a taste of what they could gain with a more long-term solution for online meetings.

So if you’re looking for the best video conference system for small businesses and enterprises alike, look no further than GoToMeeting! With different packages and features to compare at affordable prices, GoToMeeting is a great fit for your business.