Announcing GoToConnect!


Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of GoToConnect! Powered by Jive, GoToConnect brings together Jive’s ridiculously simple and reliable business VoIP phone system with GoToMeeting’s powerful web, audio, and video conferencing into a truly seamless, unified solution for all your communication and collaboration needs. So, how can GoToConnect benefit you?

For Executives and IT

1. Instant savings

All new Jive customers will get GoToConnect at no additional cost to them. Full stop. Feel free to read that again, we’ll wait…

Already aggressively priced, GoToConnect saves your business thousands of dollars that would have been tied up in standalone phone and meeting solutions. That means more budget to spend on other mission critical needs for your business.

2. Fewer vendors

By consolidating your VoIP and video conferencing with GoToConnect you only manage one vendor and one bill. Better still, unlike other business VoIP solutions that rely on a patchwork of third parties, GoToConnect is wholly owned by LogMeIn. That means there’s no risk of a partnership ending and there’s better alignment on future product features and enhancements.

3. Born in the cloud

GoToConnect was born and raised in the cloud saving your business from the headache of maintaining outdated hardware and worrying about unreliable phone and meeting solutions. No matter where your employees are, you can be sure they will always have access to GoToConnect’s powerful, professional, and reliable phone and meetings.

For Employees

1. One seamless solution for voice, meetings, text, and chat

It can be frustrating to switch between multiple apps to get work done. Employees manage multiple passwords and tools to communicate and collaborate every day. Frankly, it can be overwhelming. With GoToConnect, users can switch instantly and seamlessly between calls, meetings, chat, and text all on one pane of glass.

2. Collaboration for everyone, everywhere

While most businesses make sure every employee has a phone, they typically ration out only a few meeting licenses due to cost. With GoToConnect everyone has access to phone and video conferencing which has huge benefits for every team.

With all these incredible benefits and additional features coming out every week, there’s never been a better time to see how GoToConnect can impact your business. Visit to learn more!