5 Ways UC Can Drive Productivity and Innovation in the Workplace


In recent years, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the phrase “unified communications” (UC) – and for good reason. UC is redefining the way employees communicate, collaborate and work. Best of all, it’s the kind of technology that is accessible to both large, blue-chip corporations and small-to-medium enterprises.

If you haven’t tapped into everything UC has to offer, here’s a rundown of the ways that UC can drive productivity and innovation in the workplace!

1. Ensures efficiency, even when working remotely

The desire to work remotely is growing fast. In fact, according to research, remote work will continue to gain momentum as the traditional 9-to-5 workplace culture shifts.

Thankfully, UC allows companies to ensure productivity, no matter where employees are based. Whether they opt to work from home or are part of a global team, UC can ensure they have a single, reliable platform to facilitate easy communication and collaboration.

2. Guarantees higher productivity

With UC, employees and managers have consistent access to multiple communication and collaboration tools. UC features like instant messaging help to simplify communication by allowing informal connection between colleagues. Additionally, having a centralized repository for all your documents eliminates the need to track down coworkers for paperwork and other resources. These UC tools keep you in control of your valuable time in the workplace.

3. Reduces company overhead

Productivity always gets a big boost when you find better, more efficient ways to allocate funds. When you don’t have to worry about traditional overhead costs like phone bills, transportation and printing, funds can be redirected to training and marketing, for example.

UC follows a SaaS model – there’s no need to worry about investing in expensive equipment to install the system or staff to maintain it.

4. Faster customer response time

Customers are the heart of any business – it’s critical that you find ways to efficiently handle their concerns. Reliable UC providers will very likely  offer CRM integration opportunities to simplify customer management. This allows you to easily access customer data while monitoring activity, ensuring that you’re always aware of customers’ needs.

5. Facilitates easy rapport between colleagues

Productivity in the workplace is often hinged on how well your team gets along. It can be challenging to achieve this level of comradery within organizations that employ geographically dispersed or traveling teams. However, with a UC platform in place, team members can easily communicate using a single platform. This not only facilitates clear-cut communication but also empowers colleagues to communicate more naturally with tools similar to those they use outside of work, like instant messaging. This helps develop easy rapport between team members, which creates an environment that encourages brainstorming, exchanging ideas and coordinating deadlines.

Efficient and collaborative communication is necessary to any company’s success, but it requires the right tools. So, if you want to learn how GoToConnect can help you save money and boost productivity, give us a call today!