4 Ways Hosted VoIP Can Improve Your Productivity in the Workplace

It wasn’t too long ago that staying connected meant you needed to be logged into your desktop computer or laptop. You carried a tablet and a smartphone just to make sure you could be contacted and had easy access to important work-related data. Being available to colleagues meant maintaining multiple calling and messaging platforms.

While these precautions ensure you’re connected, even on the go, it’s also cumbersome to carry around that many gadgets on a daily basis. Additionally, it can be confusing switching between multiple apps. More often than not, it can cause problems with your work/life balance. What previously served as tools to increase productivity may now be counterintuitive to your current goals. This is where you can benefit from Hosted VoIP. Check out the different ways Hosted VoIP can improve your workplace productivity:

1. Grants easier access to voicemail

This particular advantage is specific to voicemail. As a tool, voicemail is used to ensure you never miss an important message, regardless whether you have access to your phone or not. However, checking for messages can actually be time-consuming. Having to retrieve and sort personal and work messages can be tedious. Imagine how much more complicated life becomes for employees with multiple titles and job descriptions and require maintaining several mailboxes.

Hosted VoIP allows you to maximize voicemail features without the traditional hassles associated with it. Thanks to features such as voicemail to email, employees can configure their voicemail box to automatically send messages to email inbox as sound files. This simplifies managing the messages.

2. Boosts productivity through mobility

According to research, employees who telecommute put in anywhere from 5 to 7 hours more per week than their in-house counterparts. That said, it’s important that remote teams are still able to efficiently collaborate and communicate while ensuring optimum operations round-the-clock.

Hosted VoIP facilitates access to information regardless of whether they’re in the office or not. This allows your team to reach out to colleagues when needed, or even to customers, at the speed of need.

3. Helps improve customer relationships

Legacy phone systems utilize a variety of effective communication tools intended to save time and effort. For example, call waiting, call forwarding, hold, mute, and redial functions are all traditional features businesses rely on.

These features have been further refined and improved with Hosted VoIP. Automation allows voicemail to be directly forwarded to emails in real-time; calls can be forwarded automatically with the Find Me/Follow Me feature; and it can be integrated with existing CRM platforms to ensure seamless delivery of excellent customer service.  

4. Facilitates better internal collaboration

For any office, teamwork is an essential requirement for success. However, this is more difficult in the modern workplace. In addition to internal teams, businesses often have remote employees and mobile teams. When an office has to collaborate across time zones and continents, a more robust system is necessary to facilitate better communication and collaboration.

Hosted VoIP helps connect all your team members over a single network. It streamlines the different messaging and calling features into a single platform, eliminating the need to keep switching back and forth between multiple apps. Ultimately, this makes it significantly easier for teams to manage employees and collaborate, thereby empowering productivity. 

There are multiple ways Hosted VoIP can empower teams to be more productive. If you want to know more and see how Hosted VoIP can ensure your company’s ability to keep up with modern business needs, contact the team at GoToConnect today.