Success Story: Motorola

Motorola Through support centers located in the U.S., the Philippines, India, Brazil and Latin America, Motorola needs to be able to support customers with any issues related to their device, a third-party application or a service they’re trying to connect to. They faced challenges including disconnect between how customers explained an issue and how agents understood it, language barriers between agent and customer, among others. 

Motorola uses Rescue remote support to help resolve any technical issues customers have with their mobile devices. They also use Rescue Lens video allows for handling of issues with hardware like the Moto 360 smartwatch and Moto Mods snap-on accessories.

With Rescue, Motorola has enjoyed many positive results, including decreased average handle time when servicing global customers by gaining visibility into the issue at hand and eliminating language barriers.
Motorola exists to design, create and deliver purposeful innovations to people across the globe so they transform the way they discover, share and connect with the world around them. Since 1928, they’ve been driven to move the industry forward. At Motorola, they strive to provide people with more access to the intuitive mobile products and services needed to make everyday life easier, more uplifting, and more enjoyable for all.

“We’re able to go above and beyond for our customers by supporting any issue related to Motorola – their phone, Wi-Fi, applications, software, hardware – even when they’re unable to relay exactly what they’re experiencing.”


-Theo Koufalias

Global Content Manager, Motorola

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