Success Story: Benestar Group

GOTO0245_PMM_GoTo_Benestar_Banners_1500x900-jpeg Like many organisations, Benestar’s continued growth meant the company faced many challenges, such as being able to expand their offerings to more employees both in Australia and abroad. Stakeholders from across the company reviewed potential solutions, but GoTo Webinar was Benestar's unanimous choice. It checked all the boxes, including the ability to scale and the ease of implementation. Since implementing GoTo Webinar Benestar Group has enjoyed many improvements, such as complimentary feedback from customers and a 50% increase in the average attendees per webinar year-on-year.
Benestar Group is the leading provider of employee assistance programs in Australia and New Zealand, delivering mental health and well-being services to various organisations of all sizes. For more than 30 years, Benestar has championed the unlimited potential of good health and demonstrated its link to great performance.

“GoTo Webinar checked all the boxes - the registration system is much easier than anything else out there, particularly Microsoft Teams. GoTo Webinar can also handle the size of our audiences. We can host enormous webinars and still have full control over the session. GoTo Webinar’s ability to scale and the ease of implementation was great.”


-Beate O'Neil

Head of Product and Partnerships, Benestar Group

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