Better Together: Call2Teams, Zoho, and More Among Latest GoTo Integrations


Creating a great user experience that empowers remote work and secures business continuity is at the heart of what we do at GoTo. That means that not only do our products provide simple, secure collaboration without boundaries, but they make working within all the tools you use seamless. Integrating GoTo with the business and workplace apps your teams use everyday — from CRM and infrastructure apps to productivity apps and more — will allow for more time to collaborate and do the work that’s most important.

For this reason, we’re excited to announce some of our latest integrations with GoToConnect, GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting to help you unify your communications even further.


Call2Teams: Users can now enjoy the full Microsoft Teams dial-pad phone and calling experience, powered by GoToConnect. Call2Teams allows you to use Teams, just like a regular extension. There’s no hardware or software to install and can be set up in minutes. The user’s Teams experience is seamless, and users can use all PC, Mac, Mobile and certified Teams devices to make calls on their GoToConnect service; it’s the pure Microsoft Teams calling experience, provided without compromising the rich features provided by GoToConnect.

Atmos by CallCabinet: CallCabinet enhances carriers and global enterprises by providing Cloud-based call recording, quality assurance, and analytics through AI. CallCabinet's solutions capture customer interactions whenever, wherever, and however they occur. The Atmos network is natively developed for the Cloud to be a secure and compliant multi-platform, multi-tenant, carrier-grade solution that is telephone system / platform agnostic. CallCabinet's affordable, one-of-a-kind call recording solutions are available through distributors, resellers, and on a white-label basis worldwide without the need for additional hardware, maintenance, and long-term contracts.


Zoho Cliq: GoToMeeting is video conference software that makes it easier than ever to hold productive meetings, even if your team isn't in the same room. With this integration, turn your ongoing chats into face-to-face conversations and collaborate efficiently straight from Cliq. Key features include:

  • Use the GoToMeeting Bot to view and manage your meetings from Cliq.
  • View your upcoming meetings using the "Upcoming meetings" bot menu
  • Use the /createmeeting command to create a meeting instantly and turn your chats into face-to-face conversations.
  • View your past meetings using the Meetings History menu.

Zoho Projects: The GoToMeeting extension for Zoho Projects helps you schedule meetings from within your Zoho Projects account and attend meetings other users have scheduled without switching over from Zoho Projects. Key features include:

  • Schedule new meetings from Zoho Projects and create GoToMeeting meeting URLs
  • Join meetings from Zoho Projects with the Meeting ID
  • Manage your GoToMeeting schedules from Zoho Projects
  • View upcoming meetings

Zoho Mail: GoToMeeting helps you connect with your team members and customers through online meetings and conferences. The GoTo Meeting extension for Zoho Mail helps you schedule meetings, view upcoming meetings, and join meetings, all from Zoho Mail. Key features include:

  • Schedule new meetings from Zoho Mail
  • Join meetings from Zoho Mail with the Meeting ID
  • Create and share GoTo Meetings' meeting URL
  • View upcoming meetings


Zoho Cliq: GoToWebinar integration with Cliq will zest up your process right from creating a webinar to handling and tracking the progress, right within your chat window. Key features include:

  • Start a webinar in no time from within the Cliq interface using the slash command /createwebinar
  • Bot action also enables notification alerts on a dedicated channel regarding the Upcoming and Completed Webinars twice a day
  • Configure instant notifications regarding registration details and webinar updates using the bot's quick actions
  • Track down all your upcoming and past webinars using My Webinars option in the @GoToWebinar bot

Zoho Projects: The GoToWebinar extension for Zoho Projects allows users to schedule webinars as part of a particular task for a project. The links to join scheduled webinars will be displayed in the "Comments" section of the chosen task. All the project members involved in the task will be able to join the webinar using the link displayed. Key features include:

  • Schedule webinars as tasks from within Zoho Projects Links to join webinars can be accessed in the Comments section
  • Details of scheduled webinars will be shown in the Comments section of the task
  • The details of all the webinars (both upcoming and past) will be listed & edit the details of upcoming webinars anytime

Note: Webinars can be scheduled only for individual tasks and not for a whole project.

Zoho Mail: Webinars are important for product pitching and demos, making them a powerful medium for lead generation and customer support. The GoToWebinar extension for Zoho Mail helps you handle your webinars easily. With this integration, users can easily schedule webinars within Zoho Mail. Links to join your scheduled webinars can be shared with the desired users through email. Key features include:

  • Schedule webinars from within Zoho Mail Links to join webinars can be shared through emails
  • Details of the scheduled webinars will be auto-captured in the mail body
  • The details of all the upcoming webinars will be listed & edit the details of the upcoming webinars anytime