What’s new: Smarter and easier features to improve productivity for GoTo Connect



GoTo Connect is bringing new features with smarter ways to improve productivity and ease your workflow. We’re bringing more innovation to make IT even easier. Here are the latest updates from our product team.

What’s new:


Discover a more stress-free phone system with the Microsoft Teams Phone App

Easy workflows are great, but made even better when you lower operation costs. That’s why we’ve created our new Microsoft Teams Phone App – for the ultimate communication and collaboration all in a singular app. Our new Microsoft Teams Phone App allows Microsoft users to make and receive phone calls, within the Teams app, without the need for new Teams licenses.


Smoother collaboration with GoTo’s Miro integration

There’s even more demand to provide real-time collaboration as businesses continue to navigate hybrid and remote workplaces. GoTo’s integration with Miro is meant to make virtual collaboration even easier. Miro is built in directly into GoTo’s meeting solutions, so users can access their board without leaving the meeting or training session. The integration will power users to drive better engagement across their teams by allowing better brainstorming, diagramming and much more.


Get the whole picture with GoTo SMS Health Dashboard

Ever wonder why a text message went unanswered? It could just be carriers failing to deliver them. But now, understanding the reasons behind delivery failures is easier than ever, thanks to the SMS Health Dashboard. Learn from and manage your SMS services more efficiently while getting a high-level summary of deliverability, and comprehensive explanations for delivery failures.


Capture your good side with Webcam zoom

In GoTo’s meeting solutions, we ensure your camera is focused on you and not the background behind you. Join your collaborative session and update your camera viewport by zooming in and panning out without physically moving your camera.

Simplifying the Softphone Sidecar

For our last Release Day, we brought you the new softphone experience to make a better call experience. Now we’re simplifying it to make it easier to use. We’ve added a ‘docked mode’ for users who prefer a single window experience and allowed users to define a list of pinned contacts. These enhancements provide you with a solution for presence monitoring, speed dial and even faster call transfers.

Dive into the details of our GoTo Network Test Results for admins

The GoTo Network test integration provides more visibility in your test report. Admins will be able to drill down on any given GoTo Network Test probe to see various network metrics over time and to inspect past test results. This gives you a greater ability to spot patterns or trends to optimize your network performance.

Better document and collaborate with the Dial Plan Editor

Dial plans can be intricate and optimizing them isn’t always a one-person job. Our Dial Plan Editor allows for more collaboration with notes and comments. Add a note next to the node to document your call flow logic and decision-making right in the editor itself.

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