Success Story: RR Software

Umart RR Software was looking for a cloud-based and easy-to-use tool that would enable professional knowledge transfer to existing customers. At the same time, this should also support the acquisition of new customers. The solution: a webinar tool. The choice fell quickly and clearly on GoTo Webinar. That was the starting signal for a completely new form of training and customer loyalty. By using GoTo Webinar, customer loyalty could be increased, and knowledge could be imparted more efficiently. Not only, new customers and sales, but also the satisfaction of existing customers have increased.
RR Software GmbH is a provider of the education management software ANTRAGO. The digital solution is specifically developed for education providers and supports the management of all processes of an educational institution. ANTRAGO is used by providers of seminars, courses of study, training and professional development from Germany and Austria.

“GoTo Webinar has enabled us to introduce our product ANTRAGO to numerous users at a range of educational institutions, highlight functions, convey the ‘user experience’ of the software and create added value for our customers”


-Ulf Melchers

Deputy Marketing & Sales Director, RR Software GmbH

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