Success Story: Kapsch

Kapsch In the past, when a remote worker sent requests to the Service Desk, a remote connection such as a VPN had to be used. Establishing a secure connection was time- consuming and often unstable, which resulted in considerable negative impact on the performance and delayed the processing of requests.

Kapsch adopted Rescue as their solution to accelerate the processes, which meant that there was now more time for solving the actual problem. In addition, the new system allows logging and forwarding of requests.

As a simple, transparent and fast solution, Rescue has reduced the time needed to establish the connection with the Service Desk by 2/3, to less than a minute.

The Kapsch Group is one of the leading technology companies in Austria with around 5,500 employees around the world. Kapsch TrafficCom provides solutions for Intelligent Mobility; Kapsch CarrierCom is a global partner for Telco-Carrier and a communications provider as well as a railway operator, and Kapsch BusinessCom supports companies with tailored ICT solutions.

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“Rescue from GoTo is a simple, transparent and cost-effective solution which has generated a lot of positive feedback from our users. In addition, we have been able to reduce our connection times to a third. We are satisfied with the solution in every respect.”


-Mario Cenc

IT Architect, Kapsch Group CIO Office

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