What's New: Improved Call Quality and Mobile App


Your voice matters. And we’re not just talking about GoToConnect, our cloud-based phone system. Our customers make us better, and consistent feedback from users allow us to update and improve the products that power your flexible work. In this blog, we’ll keep you posted on how customer feedback makes an impact.

What we heard:

In a survey to over 1700 customers, 5% noted an issue with the mobile app and audio quality — and we listened. Our product team got to work to make GoToConnect better than ever.

What’s new:

  • PSTN Outbound Calling
    If preferred, you can opt to make calls over your cellular network instead of WiFi or data.


  • WiFi to LTE transition reduced by 80%
    Before this release, customers had to wait 15 to 18 seconds when switching from WiFi to LTE before reconnecting. Now, the wait time is 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Improved voicemail experience on mobile
    • The voicemail inbox on mobile will show a transcription preview, letting users easily review messages and catch what’s important (feature can be turned on in the admin portal).
    • Customers can play the voicemail and view the transcript simultaneously
    • Messages will be transcribed quickly, in under 2 minutes. On the voicemail page, additional details are now available including caller id, received date/time, and listening options.   
  • Native notifications on Android
    As a standard feature, GoToConnect Mobile for Android shows native notifications for receiving an incoming call, initiating a call, and being on an active call without reopening the app.


  • Improved outgoing calling experience and call history
    • Now, customers can do more than dial a number from the phone screen. You can view call history, voicemails, and look up a contact without having to open a new window.
    • Outbound calling is supported outside of GoToConnect Mobile, including the safari browser on iOS 


  • Voicemail Setup on mobile
    GoToConnect customers can now record a voicemail greeting from the mobile app without having to dial into the voicemail box.

So what’s next? Audio quality and mobile usability are always a top focus to maintain top reliability. Your feedback counts!

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