3 Reasons Why Hosted VoIP Phone Systems Help Small Businesses’ Bottom Line

If you’re a small business, you need an easy, cost-efficient way to communicate with your customers.

Typically, this boils down to two options. One would be a traditional phone system, which requires physical phone lines and a hefty hardware investment. The other option would be Hosted VoIP—a new benchmark in business communication that combines the basic calling functions of legacy phone systems with a host of new cloud-based functionalities. With Hosted VoIP, that hefty capital investment becomes a more manageable and predictable monthly subscription charge. And since this model has light hardware demands, it’s easier to manage and scale.

It’s no wonder there’s a lot of hype surrounding Hosted VoIP. However, if we take a look beyond the buzz, is Hosted VoIP really the best choice for small and medium enterprises?

Answering this question requires companies to understand how beneficial Hosted VoIP actually is for them—specifically for their bottom line.

#1. Save on calling costs

Globalization has afforded even small to medium enterprises the opportunity to work with remote employees and customers from all over the world. The success of a global team, however, is anchored to the availability of an efficient means of communication.

Legacy phone systems have long been the go-to method of communication for businesses. But while reliable, long-distance charges apply. This makes it really restrictive for smaller companies to coordinate with team members, suppliers, or customers based out of state or out of the country.

Hosted VoIP gives you long-distance, worldwide calling capabilities for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone lines. This helps companies be more productive and focused, especially when you don’t have to constantly consider cost when on the phone with a customer.

#2. Cost-efficient platform for efficient customer support

Despite the availability of alternative forms of customer support, such as chat or email, most still opt to contact businesses via phones. Needless to say, you need a phone system that will not only allow your customers to reach you 24/7, but also provides a great user experience.

Traditional phone systems may give your business a line for customers to contact. But for additional features like call-waiting, call queues, personalized hold music, you’ll have to pay for additional hardware.

Hosted VoIP typically offers a simple pricing scheme that ensures what you’re paying for includes a wealth of powerful features. No need to worry about additional costs or hidden charges.

#3. Intangible benefits

Admittedly, you can’t put a price tag on everything. Time, for instance, is one intangible that has a direct impact on your company’s cost efficiency. A platform like Hosted VoIP can be very useful in terms of giving small to medium enterprises a leg up in today’s very competitive business landscape.

Hosted VoIP allows your employees to save time and boost their productivity simply by making them more accessible. With reliable communication tools in place, you can support better sales through easy integration, and better mobility.

Small businesses must be smart about their investments. Hosted VoIP can provide the reliability, user-friendliness, and convenience that you need. In the greater scheme of things, knowing that you’re empowering your employees with the tools that allow them to be more productive and accessible could lend itself to greater cost efficiency.

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