What is the best video conferencing software for your business?



In 2023, video conferencing has become ubiquitous. It has streamlined how we communicate, it has cancelled tiresome commutes, and it has connected colleagues globally. But with a busy marketplace, how do you know the right video conferencing tool?

PCMag just released their Business Choice 2023 on the best video conferencing services for work. They asked PCMag readers to share which tools work best for face-to-face meetings when you can’t be in the same room. The article quotes, “We’ve found that businesses that use up-to-date video conferencing are 65% more likely to see improvements in new product and service innovation, 40% more likely to report enhanced workplace flexibility, and 38% more likely to improve acquisition of new talent.” Even with a return to work in many industries, video conferencing prevails as a must-have collaboration tool.

So, who came out on top as the Employees’ Choice of the year? GoTo Meeting beat out competitors with a high scoring for video and sound quality, making it the number 1 overall choice.

Here at GoTo, we would have to agree. GoTo Meeting provides simplified online meeting software with enterprise-grade security — perfect for a work-wherever world. And with consistent product innovation from the GoTo team, you know your software will keep up with the speed of doing business. With end-to-end encryption you have an extra layer of security on top of the password protection already offered for secure video conferencing. When enabled, it encrypts the media content of the session.

Forbes listed this accolade as a top 5 tech trend of the week, noting that if you have been using other products, perhaps it’s time to revisit GoTo Meeting for the top-notch quality.

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