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Access your voice, video, text, and chat features from wherever you're working, including desktop, mobile, and web devices with GoTo Connect.

Mobile voice and meetings

GoTo Connect Mobile uses industry-leading technology to adapt to varying LTE and network conditions to ensure you maintain call quality wherever, whenever. The mobile app is available for iPhone and Android.

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GoToConnect interface showing calls and meetings on mobile

Browser-based communication

GoTo Connect Web is a unified interface for managing your cloud phone and meeting system and communicating internally and externally via your web browser. Monitor your contacts’ availability, place web-based calls, send text messages, host professional meetings, and make real-time changes to your phone system.

A conference being attended in a browser, showing screen share and chat functionality

Easy desktop access

GoTo Connect Desktop is a software application that transforms your computer into a persistent unified communications interface. The desktop app works exactly like GoTo Connect Web. Access your corporate directory, place calls, text, chat, or meet through one easy-to-use application. Minimize the app on your desktop and still receive communication.

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GoToConnect video conferencing with chat on desktop computer

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