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Between shelter-in-place mandates and remote work schedules, most of us are spending more time at home than ever before. Still, as businesses begin to open back up and we venture out for fresh air, exercise and errands, we’re no longer quite so anchored to our homes.

It’s important to remember that our colleagues, teammates and direct reports are likely dealing with their own non-standard schedules. That means they won’t always be attached to their remote workstation and instead may opt to participate in meetings via mobile device. Even if they are at home during a scheduled meeting, they may not want to be tethered to their desk. (And we don’t blame them!)

In fact, according to our own product usage data, mobile meetings are on the rise – giving team members greater flexibility with more participating with their mobile devices. To account for this shift, here are a couple of things to consider for those planning meetings and those participating from their mobile devices.

For meeting organizers: Keep mobility in mind

While you can’t plan every meeting around where each attendee will be when they sign in, it’s easy to make the meeting location flexible and accessible for everyone.

First, encourage your team to leverage a calendar-sharing functionality – this gives you a clearer picture of times that work for them. Although you don’t need to know the details of your colleagues’ specific plans, you can at least get a sense of availability. At LogMeIn, in addition to our GoToMeeting email plugins, we utilize our Slack status to indicate we’re at our desk, out for lunch, doing a quick workout, taking the dog for a walk, and more!

Next, make sure you’re using a meeting software that offers free, top-notch mobile applications for iOS and Android. Look for apps with HD video quality, built-in audio and screen-sharing capabilities – features that bridge the geographical gaps in communication will go a long way.

For meeting attendees: Joining meetings from on-the-go

If you are signing into a meeting from a mobile device, you’ll need to think about where you are and how you can actively participate.

Taking a meeting on your mobile device doesn’t mean you have to trust spotty cellular service. Make sure your device’s WiFi connection is active – and use a hotspot if you can. This will help mitigate the risk of a dropped call or choppy connection. But if you don’t have a choice, keep reading!

A mobile meeting without WiFi access certainly runs a greater risk of becoming a dropped call – that’s just the nature of the beast. So, be a bit more of an active participant to make sure everyone can still hear you. Keep an eye out to see if your audio is still connected and that everyone can understand you. Few things are more disconcerting during a mobile meeting than discovering you’ve been talking to thin air.

Stay mobile and productive with GoToMeeting

The last six months have most likely taught all of us more about how to leverage the remote work environment, including striking a balance between work and life. Having the ability to collaborate on-the-go means greater flexibility and, according to our research, happier employees!

The GoToMeeting mobile app brings powerful meetings right to the palm of your hand. Download our apps for iOS or Android, and pair it with these tips above to have the best mobile experience possible.