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Prospera Financial Services is an investment advisory, offering the flexibility and resources only found at some of the nation’s largest broker-dealers. The firm supports a large, distributed client base of over 130 financial advisors and a staff across 23 states, ensuring they are all sufficiently trained and supported from a one-on-one consulting standpoint. When this task proved to be too costly to be carried out onsite, Prospera knew they needed an alternative solution.

To help overcome their training and support challenges, Prospera turned to GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. They are using GoToMeeting to host regular weekly Office Hours for focused training and community building, and it has proven “invaluable to get support staff and sales assistants to learn how to do the stuff they needed to,” says Jennifer Teager, Platform Support & Engagement at Prospera. For a more controlled training experience, Teager and her team use GoToWebinar for monthly sales training and quarterly state-of-the-union calls.

Implementing GoToMeeting has empowered Prospera in ways they had never thought possible. It has reduced the need for Teager to go onsite at client locations for training, saving time and costs. This is just one of a myriad of reasons why Prospera says they’re dedicated to GoToMeeting:

“I looked at some of the other meeting solutions, and they just don’t have the same feel as GoToMeeting and don’t have some of the features we need since we have such specific use cases,” Teager happily confessed.

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