Jive and Solutionreach Partner to Simplify the Way Medical Practices Communicate with Patients


We’re thrilled to announce that Jive has partnered with Solutionreach, the leader in patient relationship management (PRM) solutions!

This new relationship will not only provide options for Solutionreach customers to utilize faster, easier communication through Jive’s VoIP business phone systems and Unified Communications and Collaboration services, but will allow them to take advantage of Jive’s latest technology, features and applications both now and into the future.

Since Solutionreach’s founding in 2000, they have provided technology to practices to improve the patient-provider relationship. In fact, they are the healthcare industry’s leading PRM platform, supporting more than 100,000 healthcare professionals over approximately 25,000 practices nationwide.

“Building and delivering powerful communication tools that help our clients improve their customer relationships and operational efficiency is our end-goal at Jive,” said Mike Sharp, Vice President of Product Development at Jive by LogMeIn. “We’re so excited for this partnership with Solutionreach and the value it’ll bring to the healthcare industry to help our customers connect with their patients in more meaningful ways.”

This partnership will support the upcoming release of SR Spotlight, a Solutionreach product that seamlessly integrates with a practice’s VoIP phone system — powered by Jive — and management system to shorten call times, make those calls more effective, and provide a more personalized experience for patients.

For example, SR Spotlight will appear in a pop-up window triggered by an inbound call to show the practice if it is a known patient or unknown caller. For current patients, the pop-up will also show important information that allows the practice to address any questions or outstanding issues in a single call.

Solutionreach Founder and CEO, Jim Higgins said, “At Solutionreach, we’re always looking to the future and working on solving our customer’s biggest challenges. VoIP is the future of phone communications, and practices that want to take advantage of new solutions that can identify callers and integrate with their practice management system will need to consider this change. We see Jive as a leader in providing the VoIP solutions our customers need.”

This new partnership highlights the commitment that Jive and Solutionreach have to addressing the many challenges facing medical practices today, and we couldn’t be more happy to be a part of this ongoing endeavor.