Is it National Work From Home Day or Groundhog Day?


It’s 2021 and in the age of social media, there is always a day to celebrate. While the list of national “holidays” is getting increasingly unusual, from national flip flop day to national chocolate pudding day, one particular listing feels different this year. June 24th marks National Work from Home Day. You might stop and think—every day is work from home day, especially when our world was flipped upside down by COVID-19. So instead, let’s take a moment to acknowledge where we’ve been and where we’re going for the future of work, and the technological advancements that have made every day work from home day—on repeat.

According to National Today, the concept of work from home was put on hold during the Industrial Revolution. Factories with machines and assembly lines required skilled workers to leave home, and this ultimately transformed to the in-office structure of the 20th century. Business was in the office and home was reserved for more flexible professions like the creative arts. But as technology slowly evolved from personal computers and fax machines to unified communication and collaboration tools, the nine to five days of clocking in and out are in the past—and the pandemic catapulted us into a remote-work norm.

The last 15 months were marked by comical GoToMeeting interruptions by children or pets and the familiar sound of “can you see my screen” or “you’re on mute.” Inconvenient commutes were traded for yoga breaks and time spent with family. GoToWebinar erased the headache and hassle of traveling many hours for a short presentation. GoToConnect kept the conversation going with unified communication tools including cloud voice, meetings, messaging, and contact centers.

Stay at home orders have become work from anywhere possibilities. Many companies, including LogMeIn, realize that flexibility is key for the overall wellbeing of workers. A Forrester Consulting study commissioned by LogMeIn, Inc, found that 60% of employees are willing to accept less pay in a trade for flexibility and 83% are more likely to stay at their company if they’re allowed work flexibility. So, in short—it’s important. But choice doesn’t mean office buildings will become obsolete. Instead, a hybrid workforce is emerging where employees can do their best work and be their best self. National Work From Home Day can’t be tied to a calendar, but could be a choice that aligns with your life, appointments, productivity, sick child, or simply a change of scenery—a model that complements instead of replaces the value of in-person teamwork.

Work from home isn’t going anywhere, we are better equipped than ever. So, mark your calendar for today, and the next day, and the one after get the idea!

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