Hosted PBX: A Virtual Receptionist’s Assistant

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is like giving your receptionist an extra set of hands. This futuristic Star Trek-like timesaving device can help manage small business phones systems, providing customers with a friendly call-in greeting. This allows customers to select extensions and be immediately transferred, or it allows them to speak to the receptionist directly. Virtually eliminating the need for hassle-filled, expensive switchboards, this system allows the receptionist to focus on other administrative duties. Essentially, it is cutting administrative and giving your receptionist the ability to focus on more meaningful office tasks.

Every employee knows the hassle of calling into the office several times a day to check voicemails. Why not enable your employees to be more productive? As a business phone service, hosted PBX will send a voice mail audio attachment directly to employees’ inboxes. No more wasted time calling in, bothering the receptionist, spending five minutes here or there checking voicemails. Receive and return voicemails instantly, helping increase productivity and impressing customers with timely responses.

Traditional phone hardware has to be maintained and stored onsite; however, with the advent of hosted PBX systems, this is no longer necessary. Jive helps companies create a customized system that is hosted off-site, meaning that companies no longer need to have someone onsite to handle technical or maintenance issues.

See the money saving opportunities?

Because the systems are hosted, there is no need for businesses to invest in expensive hardware, rooms dedicated solely to storing the equipment, or worry about power surges and outages. Instead, hosted systems are designed to handle outages and network failures, ensuring that virtual systems still forward calls, accept voicemail, etc. Customers receiving busy signals or steady non-stop rings during outages are of the past, as these professional systems ensure companies are prepared for emergency-type situations.

Another excellent option for companies with several locations is using this hosted program combined with business VoIP to combine locations. For example, a company has three locations – one in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Seattle. Instead of paying for three separate advertising phone numbers, web campaign information, etc., the company can have one number. Customers calling in will hear an immediate prompt to select which geographic location they are interested in, based on an assigned number. Then the hosted PBX would transfer to that location, with options to speak directly to the receptionist, dial a certain extension for sales, help, contact information, etc.

These systems are easily customizable and the professionals at Jive strive to work with customers to create an ideal system that reflects their business needs.

Why devote yourself to outdated technology when you could improve your company’s bottom line by investing in technology that services the needs of tomorrow’s future.