GoTo Customer Engagement: An easy sell for partners

GoTo Customer Engagement: An easy sell for partners


Last September, during the launch of our inaugural Partner Appreciation week, we highlighted some of the core benefits of our global GoTo Partner Program such as authentic relationships and continuous program improvements. Our mission is to support our partners’ success through different strategies like acquisitions and new product offerings like our brand new GoTo Customer Engagement add-on for GoTo Connect.

What makes Customer Engagement an easy sell

Partners can offer Customer Engagement to both current and net new GoTo Connect customers. The key to success is for partners to understand their customers’ unique pain points and highlight how Customer Engagement can help overcome those issues. Here are just a few benefits that partners can highlight:

  • Built for SMBs – Smaller businesses often don’t have the resources to devote an entire team to social media or creating marketing campaigns. With Customer Engagement, communications can easily be shared by a small team working cross functionally to get messaging out the door.
  • Consolidation – If your customers are currently using an assortment of fragmented communication tools, Customer Engagement offers an easy way to consolidate and save valuable time (and money!)
  • Simplicity – Some business owners are hesitant about new technology tools because they assume they’ll need IT expertise. Customer Engagement is simple to set up, manage and scale as a business grows, without the need for a dedicated IT team.
  • Improved response times – Customers expect quick responses, regardless of communication platform. Whether they’re reaching out by email, text, web chat or social media, businesses can respond immediately and turn conversations into conversions.

Grow your business with the GoTo portfolio

With business communication and IT tools like Customer Engagement, GoTo Resolve and more, it’s easy to scale your business as a GoTo Partner. Our Partners stand out from the competition by offering their customers a consolidated solution of communications and remote IT support.

Discover how your customers can benefit from this powerful tool or how you can partner with GoTo.