6 Ways to Give a More Engaging Virtual Sales Pitch - Goto Meeting


In this world of constant distractions, keeping clients engaged during an online sales pitch can be a challenge. It’s not uncommon for potential clients to become distracted and miss out on crucial information. These tips can help increase your odds of people paying attention so you can close more deals during online sales pitches.

1. Entice Your Audience

Make your first minute count! Add intrigue with a surprising statistic, or infuse some humor into your personal introduction. Attendees are more likely to stay focused on the sales presentation if they see that you’ll make the experience an enjoyable one, or one that’s particularly interesting to them.

2. Make it Multi-Media

Too many words on a slide is a shortcut to losing customer attention. Break up written text with captivating visuals, like infographics and charts. Showing videos also greatly helps to keep clients awake and engaged. One trick to sustain interest is to switch speakers at some point during the presentation. Not only does a second introduction help loop back any distracted parties, but it reinforces that your team has a variety of expertise.

3. Use Unique, Exceptional Data

If the person on the other end of the line agreed to take time out of their day to listen to your sales pitch, they have some faith in what you’re selling is something they want. So prove it to them! Answer that question right out of the gate, and then back it up with compelling proof points throughout the meeting. Your goal should be to offer a presentation that inspires, educates and empowers. Clients and potential clients should sign off grateful they spent the time to attend.

4. Turn on Video

Connecting on video can go a long way to limit distracted participants. If you can drive the conversation to mimic one that is face-to-face, prospects will be less likely to multi-task. Be sure to set expectations up front that you’re connecting on video, nobody likes to be surprised. You can simply mention it in the meeting invitation. Turn your camera on right at the start of the meeting and don’t be afraid to suggest they do the same. They may not want to, and that’s ok. But it’s worth a shot to keep them engaged!

5. Invite Audience Participation

Rather than reserving questions and answers until the end of the sales pitch, keep attendees alert by holding brief Q&A sessions at various points. This also allows clients to get questions answered when they come up, rather than saving everything to the end. Attendees are also more apt to stay tuned in when they know that they can ask questions throughout the sales presentation.

6. Watch your Pacing

There’s an art to a well-paced virtual sales presentation. So set out to take up all the time you have, and use it wisely. When you finish sharing a major point, pause for a few seconds so that clients can absorb what was just said. You can even call out that you’re giving them a minute to digest or write things down. These pauses often offer a good segue for them to ask a question. Giving everyone a chance to catch their breath and think through what you’re sharing keeps them out of information overload. If folks are overwhelmed, they’ll definitely start to tune things out.