Success Story: Menlo College

 Success Story: Menlo College

When Menlo College needed to replace its 20-year old IT infrastructure and phone system, pressure mounted on CIO Minh Huynh to find a solution that would propel them into the 21st century. Discover how GoTo Connect provided the flexibility and connectivity they needed in order to work collaboratively during the COVID–19 pandemic.

Menlo College is an institution offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees, located in Silicon Valley, California, with enrollment of approximately 735 students from around the world and a faculty devoted to undergraduate teaching and advising. Their vision is to redefine undergraduate business education to be dynamically adaptive, innovative, and relevant so that students can recognize opportunities and apply 21st century skills to make a positive impact on the world. 

“Because of GoTo Connect – that’s what helped us to move, to let us start working remotely from home now. We’re lucky we got it before COVID-19 and it helped us out a great deal.”


-Minh Huynh


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