Segment and nurture webinar attendees through every stage of the buying cycle.
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Webmecanik Automation is a marketing automation software that allows you to find out more about the 99% of website visitors you normally ignore. Webmecanik segments and nurtures them through every stage of their buying cycle, allowing you to form a long-lasting relationship with your prospects through marketing campaigns until they are ready to purchase.

You can now connect your GoTo Webinar account to your Webmecanik marketing automation platform! Your upcoming webinars will now be integrated with your subscribe forms and you will be able to automatically invite prospects to join via nurturing campaigns and dynamically segment them depending on their status (subscribed, attended, did not attend, etc.). Start using webinar automation to personalize your relationship with your prospects depending on their behavior!

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For more information on this integration and instructions on how to install please visit Webmecanik support