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Easily schedule GoTo Meeting sessions from your Google Calendar.
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With the Google Calendar integration for GoTo Meeting, you’ll be able to seamlessly schedule, flawlessly manage and easily join upcoming meetings directly from your calendar. With the push of a button you can set your schedule and jump from meeting to meeting without ever having to leave the Google environment.

How To Install

System Requirements
· Windows 7 or later
· Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) or later
· Google account

Install the GoTo Meeting Add-On in Google Calendar
The GoTo Meeting add-on for Google Calendar allows you to view, schedule, and update meetings from Google Calendar.


Install the GoTo Meeting Add-On
1. Open a browser page to the GoTo Meeting add-on in the G Suite Marketplace.
2. Click Install.
3. To give GoTo Meeting permission to install, click Continue.
4. Choose the Google account you'd like to continue with, then click Allow.
5. The GoTo Meeting add-on has been installed!