What to know about VoIP over Wireless Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows companies to use IP networks instead of traditional telephone networks to make calls that are less expensive, more reliable and use current wireless services.

Using VoIP over a wireless Internet connection is also known as wVoIP, which offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Advantages – IP telephones that work on wireless networks can easily be used in place of traditional cell phones. As many public hotspots are available, this allows employees to gain access to email, web and VoIP services. This is especially cost efficient if someone typically places international long distance calls from his/her cell phone.
  • Uses – VoIP over wireless allows for internal calling within educational campuses, corporations, hotels, hospitals, government agencies and even college dorm units.
  • Transmission – VoIP offers real-time use, meaning that there are no delays when using voice services. Data transmission takes time, which is why emails are typically delayed a moment or two after sending. Voice transmission is extremely sensitive and takes priority over simple data transmission. This makes it extremely efficient and useful.
  • Call Quality – Making sure that VoIP voice takes priority over data is necessary to ensure property quality of services. Typically, this just requires settings to be documented and set to record preferences.
  • Wireless Security – As most of today’s cellular phone calls are carried over some type of “wireless” signal, the risks of unsecured voice signals being intercepted can easily be protected by secured systems that are protected by encryption and authentication. In fact, using a wireless system with these features in place, will offer more security than an average cellular telephone call.
  • Cloud Based – These types of services allow a telecommunications company to host the majority of offsite and onsite hardware fees, keeping costs down for smaller business platforms.
  • Small Business to Enterprise Solutions – Jive offers business phone service for small business VoIP, enterprise solutions, corporations and even government agencies. VoIP hosted systems are ideal for any size of company, albeit it a single user or multiple users.
  • VoIP Smartphones – Helping save companies valuable money, Smartphones that offer the ability work over Wi-Fi signals can easily receive voice calls while traveling, especially if the travel is international and would typically involve expensive fees.
  • The Future – Technology gurus are predicting that in the future Wi-Fi VoIP and cellular services will be combined, helping Smartphones seamlessly switch between these integrated solutions.