Not all superheroes wear capes: why these GoGetters are proud to be caregivers in their careers


Voices of GoTo: In this series we highlight the people that make flexible work, work: our employees! GoTo is a global company with over 3000 employees around the world, these are their stories.


Caregivers don’t get enough credit for everything they’re managing. So, we’ve created space for GoGetters to bask in their bragging rights, starting with Carey Waterman, Becky Kurtz, Jess Baker, and Jen Santini. Here’s why they’re proud to be mothers in their careers.







You can tell a lot about a company’s support of families through its benefits, Carey shares as she reflects on giving birth one week after she was hired at GoTo. “It was such a relief to be welcomed with eight weeks of paid short-term disability leave, which doesn’t happen all the time.”


GoTo supports being present in work and home life, so Carey has been around for every meal, diaper change, crawl, and walk. “My four-year-old asked me about my GoTo shirt, and I said, ‘This is the company mommy works for.’ With a confused look, he pointed at my desk and said, ‘But you work over there.’” Joined by her husband – who is also remote – Carey loves showing her children that they have two working parents.


You don’t need to qualify having time for yourself at GoTo because it’s a given that you will work and live your life. “As any parent will tell you, there’s so much focus that needs to happen on children, so being able to separate that is important for my mental health.”






If it weren’t for the partnership that the leader of Families@GoTo, Christine Grant built between GoTo and Nurture By NAPS, Becky's maternity leave would have looked a lot different. “There are so many things that you experience as a first-time mom that are scary, and the resources offered through NAPS are a gift that keeps on giving.”


Balancing everything you have in your life can feel like carrying many different grocery bags. When Becky went on maternity leave, the weight of one bag was lifted off her shoulders. “Right now, I’m working through the perfect imbalance of being a working mom because you can’t carry a million bags at once.”


On her first Friday back, Becky thanked her team – in advance – for their grace during her transition. “My manager has created psychological safety for me at work, so I feel comfortable enough to say that, and that’s huge.”






The skills of a working parent – like being resilient and boundary-focused – are transferrable to the workplace. “We have a culture from the top down where if you trust that your employees are going to get their work done, it doesn’t matter when or how they get it done. Some days, Jen logs in at 5 AM to get ahead of the day. “Flexibility is paramount.”


When Jen logs off to pick up her kids, her Slack status reads, “I’m with my boys. My replies will be delayed.” We all have different lives outside of work and a part to play in sharing our needs. “If you don’t take the time to learn about your colleagues, there is room for misunderstanding.


When things come up in our personal lives, it can feel like we’ve taken steps backward from work. But when Jen feels defeated, she is reminded of GoTo’s learning platform. “Having a supportive learning department here at GoTo makes me feel empowered in my career growth.”






At some organizations, you need to prove yourself before getting flexibility. That is not the case here. In the afternoon, Jess and her teammate will be joined by their ‘little co-workers’ in meetings. “I’ve been on calls with vice presidents managing similar situations at home, and it’s a non-issue.”


Jess enjoys the quality time she spends with her children, including their commute to school. “I get some aspects of a stay-at-home parent, which were much harder when I had to go into an office.”


There can be a misconception that working parents would rather be with their kids than work. “I love my kids,” says Jess, “and I love my job because I am contributing to something outside my house.” No matter your approach to parenthood, Jess can say one thing with certainty. “If you’re considering becoming a parent, GoTo is probably the best place to do it.”




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