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As higher education becomes more and more globally connected, educators and students need to be empowered with the right technology to support today’s teaching and learning innovations. Universities worldwide are leveraging collaboration solutions to unleash the power of frictionless learning. With an easy-to-use, intuitive design and universal access on Mac, PC, and mobile, GoTo Meeting takes the distance out of distance learning. Look through our own “Study Guide” below to see why GoTo Meeting is the textbook solution to elevate education communication.

For Faculty

With seemingly limitless potential for education these days, we no longer need to constrain educators or other faculty to a specific location for meetings. Whether you need to connect with a colleague at a sister campus or one who is running a study abroad trip, GoTo Meeting seeks to make all communication frictionless.

For on-campus meetings, GoTo Meeting’s InRoom Link allows institutions to use existing hardware for GoTo Meeting in conference rooms – no need to buy new equipment or outfit a whole room. But if you don’t have hardware (or are thinking about replacing what you currently have) try GoToRoom! Our out-of-the-box hardware and software bundle is easy to set up and comes with everything you need to host a great lecture, meeting, or conference.

Tip: GoTo Meeting calendar and email plug-ins for Google and Outlook 365 makes scheduling meetings feel elementary!


Every student deserves the opportunity to attain a great education, and the last thing that should hold them back is distance. GoTo Meeting can enable teachers to host classes of all sizes – from small, intimate groups sharing 25 HD webcams to huge 250 attendee lectures. Moreover, GoTo Meeting enables virtual office hours and On Demand content with unlimited cloud recording and transcript capabilities empowered by Natural Language Processing. Professors can share their expertise for students to study at their own pace.

Tip: Never have a student miss out on your video conference again by assigning a personalized URL to your virtual meeting room. Great for individual departments, faculty, and even campus-wide conferences!


Group projects, tutoring sessions, field work… so much of school takes place outside the classroom. The collaboration and communication needs of students are greater than ever, yet they’re on-the-move constantly. GoTo Meeting enables instant messaging, file sharing, and on-demand video conferencing and screensharing ensure students can always flourish, even on-the-go.

Tool Tip: Left your laptop in your dorm room? GoTo Meeting mobile apps give students the same collaborative power as our desktop apps. 

GoTo Meeting is trusted for over 56 million meetings per year and fits perfectly for students or educators looking to make the most of collaboration in their classrooms. Speak with a GoTo Meeting specialist today to learn more about special pricing for educators and faculty.