Create balance, so you don't have to choose between work and life

GoTo employee enjoying time paragliding.


Voices of GoTo: In this series, we highlight the people that make flexible work, work: our employees! GoTo is a global company with more than 4,000 employees worldwide; these are their stories.

When you think of an Outlook email signature, what comes to mind? Let me guess, title and contact information? Imagine the conversation starters that would result in sharing self-descriptors instead? At GoTo, we lead with our passions, which helps us make the micro-interactions in home offices around the world feel more personal. For example, instead of “Content Specialist,” I lead with “pug mama.” This special edition of Voices of GoTo gives you a glimpse into how eight GoGetters like to spend their time.

Have you added descriptors or hobbies to your GoTo signature? Tell us about them!

andrew-jpg Andrew DeCataldo
Voted “Most Likely to Have the Scoop” in High School
Corporate Messaging & Communications @ GoTo
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Current go-tos: Indie Rock, Drag Race, and the MCU

“What I was most famous for at 18 — being voted “‘Most Likely to Have the Scoop’” — is still very true today. My job calls for balancing being creative with helping others understand the business value GoTo delivers. I love being in the know and spreading the word. Sharing news and positive outcomes with employees and customers is something I continue to love and do well.”


Tania Schwarz
Turquoise Lover | Mom of 2 — 1 of them is my husband | Peloton Addict
Team Lead — Account Executives, Large Enterprise
Current go-to: ambitious part-time construction manager, interior designer, relocation manager


“I am a mom of two — one of them is my husband — which demonstrates my organizational skills. To get a balance from the stressful everyday life, you can find me reading every free minute. My favorite is business books, so I call myself a business bookworm.”


Natalie Revell
Animal Lover, Surfer, Fisherwoman, Artist 
Account Executive UCaaS | ADAPT ERG Coleader
Current go-to: My new aqua blue long board my brother shaped for me 

“I am a fisherwoman, and it’s one of my favorite things to do. Ice-cold beer and a fishing pole are the most therapeutic. Fishing is like sales. You have to have patience, and more times than not, you get skunked. But, when you get a big one on your line, it's the most exciting and enjoyable thing in the world.”


Christoph Krüger
Paraglider. Pastry Maker. Science Fiction Reader.
Principal Technical Operations Architect
GoTo Technologies Germany
Current go-to: Switching to renewable energy heating

“My most exciting and beautiful hobby is paragliding. I started eight years ago and would still consider myself a student. In addition to the wonderful feeling of flying without a motor, paragliding has many other aspects. There is continuous learning and a culture of feedback that is lived among pilots. Constant planning, re-planning, and decision-making before and during the flight. Respect and reverence for nature and the power of the wind and the sun. And of course, the good feeling of practicing a sport with relatively little environmental damage.”


Carey Waterman
Previous World Traveler. Sustainability Guru. Sports Enthusiast.
Co-workers: Hubby, Toddlers & German Sheppard.
Administrative Assistant to VPs of Sales for North America
GoTo Gilbert, AZ USA
Current go-to: sustainability webinars with wine


“I used to travel the world and have been everywhere from across the U.S., down to Mexico and Argentina, Chile and Peru. I backpacked through Europe and studied abroad in Australia. I spent some time in Fiji and looked forward to my next adventure. Before the pandemic, I had my first child, which has greatly reduced my traveling because traveling with a child is…well, difficult. I now have two children under four, so it will be a while before I can go on my next adventure, but I am looking forward to it!”


Joey Crunkilton
Husband. Fitness Enthusiast. Skier. Fight Fan.
Account Executive
GoTo Oregon City, OR/USA
Current go-to: Game of Thrones Rewatch

“Being ex-athletes, my wife and I enjoy skiing, working out, and mountain biking. We're regularly taking our dog to parks and walks. For relaxation, we love to read, find new shows, and try new restaurants. We've read many books this year and are working through Game of Thrones. We're foodies and regularly try new restaurants in the city on weekends. We've been able to dive deeper into these hobbies by working remotely. GoTo provides me the freedom to enjoy my hobbies while also earning a great living.”


eddy-2-jpgEddy Alegría
Number Processing Manager
GoTo Guatemala

“My family is small and unique. The ratio in my house is two chihuahuas per human. I can be found building Legos and always learning something new.


jodeal-2-jpgJo Deal
Beach lover. Flexible Worker. Mum of cats and kids. CHRO
Current go-to: Outdoor time.

“I have been diving in many places worldwide and, more recently, have taken up paddle boarding, which I am still mastering. Anything to do with travel or the water, count me in.”

Those who took us behind the scenes of their everyday lives capture the spirit here at GoTo. I want to thank them for illustrating that at GoTo, we come as we are — whether that’s the joy of overhearing animals in the distance during a virtual meeting or sharing the adventures we get into on our global self-care Fridays.

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