Law Firm Bennett, Bigelow & Leedom Increases Productivity, Remote Accessibility with LogMeIn


Bennett, Bigelow & Leedom represents a full spectrum of healthcare clients, including physicians, hospitals, and academic medical centers in Washington, as well as in other states. It provides a wide range of legal services, including litigation and general business services.

Face-to-face interaction enables lawyers to connect, build rapport and establish trust with their clients. But when this vital client-relationship strategy became impractical due to the COVID-19 pandemic, law firms like Bennett, Bigelow & Leedom were required to re-think their approach and search for an alternative that would still allow for intimate, private interaction while avoiding unnecessary risk.

Furthermore, Washington state's newly-implemented “Stay Home – Stay Safe” order forced the firm to navigate the intricacies of remote work – including ensuring that all employees could access the network (and safely), as well as collaborate with both colleagues and clients.

Fortunately, the firm was already using GoToMeeting and were able to easily provision additional licenses to cover their entire team of attorneys. Now, their attorneys can conduct hearings, connect with expert witnesses and even hold depositions – regardless of participants' physical locations. LogMeIn’s Central was invaluable in the transition to remote work and enabled Heather Munday, Director of Practice Support, to set up the entire firm to work from home, address technological emergencies and conduct secure trainings on-the-fly. The final piece of the puzzle was GoToRoom, which Munday has been able to offer as an in-office alternative to lawyers who felt uncomfortable using video conferencing in their own home for depositions or court hearings.

When asked to summarize her overall experience with GoToMeeting, Central, and GoToRoom, Munday said, “The intuitiveness has made all the difference in having to learn a ton of different products to make a bunch of different things happen.”

For the full story of how GoToMeeting, Central, and GoToRoom have increased productivity, improved connections, and enabled safer and more secure meetings, click the image below!