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Human and AI-powered Missed Opportunity Alerts, Reporting, and Seamless CRM Integration for every phone call and text

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The GoToConnect and Car Wars integration gives dealers access to a smarter, simpler phone system and the ability to turn raw phone system data into actionable metrics. In doing so, dealers are able to improve the customer's calling experience, fix gaps in operational phone metrics, and reduce costs.

Through the integration, every call can be tracked, recorded, and reviewed through artificial intelligence and human review and pushed into their CRM. Car Wars oversees the phone system deployment, alongside the GoToConnect team, to guide the customer to proper configuration and take advantage of the operational gains provided by understanding exactly what is happening on the phone. By capturing the raw data from the GoToConnect phone system, Car Wars is able to analyze and report on inbound and outbound phone calls and text messages with or without the use of tracking lines.

The integration provides a single end-to-end call recording irrespective of hold times, call transfers, parked calls, or call queuing. This ensures end users are able to easily surface a complete phone call compared to call segments seen in a traditional phone system. More importantly, there are no gaps in calls or texts logged in CRM, and every call is assigned to the person who handled it.

Car Wars integrates with all major automotive CRMs, including DealerSocket, ELEAD, VinSolutions, DriveCentric, and more.

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To activate the Car Wars and GoTo Connect integration, please contact Sarah at or 214-842-6607.