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After many years of working from home himself, LogMeIn’s SVP and General Manager of UCC Mark Strassman has developed several proven strategies to make remote work more effective, productive and fun. With so many global leaders and employees adjusting to this new lifestyle today in the wake of COVID-19, we looked to Mark to share his top working from home tips in a new video series.

Last week, we debuted these tips with his advice on the best remote work technology and tools. Today, Mark addresses how important your environment is to driving remote productivity. Check it out!

Working Remotely, Episode Two: The Right Environment 

An essential component of working remotely is having the self-discipline to set your own schedule. When you’re in an environment full of distractions like chores or your dog, it can be easy to get off course. Here are three of my favorite tips that I’ve found to be critical to my success as a remote worker. 

  • First, let’s talk about physical space. Whether you have a sprawling home office or a tiny kitchen nook, try to create a dedicated workspace. Just as you wouldn’t sleep in the kitchen or park your car in the living room, work should have its own place in a separate room – or at the very least, at a desk! 
  • Set boundaries, and stick to them: If you live with family or roommates, give them a heads up when you’re working, and for how long. Make it clear that, just because you’re home, doesn’t mean you’re available for household chores or errands. At the same time, be mindful of your availability outside traditional work hours. It’s easy become a “Yes Man” when you have your computer at home, but don’t let work overpower life! 
  • Eat, move, and socialize – you know, human stuff. Have a meeting that doesn’t require video? Throw on a wireless headset and get some steps in. Maybe you have an afternoon with no meetings at all – try a coffee shop for a change of scenery. And most importantly, don’t forget to eat. Working across time zones can fill your calendar up fast. Avoid the temptation of eating at your desk and put blocks on your calendar so you have time for meals that will fuel the rest of your day. 

Expertise and Best Practices for Embracing Remote Work

Stay tuned for Episode 3: Building Relationships next week, to learn how to maintain positive and productive connections with your colleagues when you’re all working remotely.

Don’t forget to visit our new resource center, with more tips and best practices on how to master a shift to working from home. We will be continuing to update this page and our social channels with educational materials from both LogMeIn staff and third party experts!