New Features Make it Easy to Edit and Embed Your Webinar Recordings - GoToWebinar


You put a lot of effort into each live webinar in order to build relationships and drive quality engagement. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily convert that webinar into the perfect evergreen video asset that can be used again and again?

I’m going to highlight three exciting new post-production GoToWebinar tools to help you do just that.

1. Video Editor

video editing

GoToWebinar provides a simple video editing tool that lets you easily remove unwanted snippets from the beginning, middle, or end of your recorded webinar.

Now you don’t need to export your webinar and use an external video editing tool to trim unwanted chatter or dead space. This streamlines your post-webinar workflow and makes it faster and easier to create evergreen video assets.

Your edited webinar will replace your original webinar recording in your video library. This means any links to the webinar you’ve shared will automatically point to your updated video. If you want to retain your original webinar video, simply download the file before editing.

“I just tried it out and was able to cut the dead space before the webinar started as well as cut out the break in the middle of the webinar. I have been using FinalCut Pro for editing videos for many years and found this very simple and intuitive.”

– GoToWebinar Customer

2. Transcripts

This new feature lets you generate, download, and publish transcripts for all your webinar recordings. This helps you:

  • Improve accessibility and meet compliance requirements
  • Boost discoverability and viewership with content indexing which improves SEO ranking (perfect for all your marketing webinars)
  • Create a better user experience with searchable and downloadable transcripts that make it easy to skim through webinars or find specific content

“The quick turnaround on the transcription of our webinars has helped speed up the compliance review process for posting our webinars, which in turn helps us serve our members faster. We are thrilled transcription is now available right through GoToWebinar instead of seeking an outside service.”

– GoToWebinar Customer

3. Video Embedding

GoToWebinar video embed

Now you can create an embed code for the videos in your video library so you can host webinars directly on your website, resource center, blog, support site and more.

This way you don’t have to use any third-party tools to host and play your recorded webinars, and you can let your audience view your webinars wherever you want.

“Getting the video straight out to registrants following the webinar and having it gated so they have to enter their info to view – it’s great to see who is looking at our videos.”

– GoToWebinar Customer 

We pride ourselves in taking the work out of webinars. Try out these nifty tools today and let us know what you think!

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